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Sarah Palin Rocks The Woodlands For Ted Cruz!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Revving The Crowd for Cruz!

On Friday, I drove the two-and-one-half hours from my home to the Ted Cruz rally at The Woodlands, just North of Houston.  The venue was Town Green Park and the speakers included a number of Tea Party leaders, like Amy Kremer, and also Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC.)  Ted Cruz gave a very encouraging, impassioned speech about what he would do if elected to the Senate, and he appropriated Barack Obama’s catch-phrase “Yes, We Can” in a little dialogue with the crowd, asking the crowd “Can we repeal Obama-care?”  On cue, the crowd responded with a thundering “YES WE CAN!”  Cruz exuded confidence, but the truth is that with early voting now ended, the real crunch is on from now until Tuesday to turn out the vote across Texas on his behalf.  In her customary form, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made her speech to thundering applause and enthusiastic support.  It was a remarkable speech, and Palin was fiery with the energy and passion that have made her the premiere speaker in the Republican party over the last four years.  Conservatives turn out for Sarah Palin, and there’s simply no escaping that fact.

(Note to GOP establishment: You may want to rethink this plan to exclude her from the convention in Tampa next month.)

I was also heartened to see so many of my friends from TxO4P on hand, including Josh Thuma, who was so enthusiastic in Indianola, Iowa last September, so it was no surprise that at The Woodlands, he followed up in similar form, waving signs and cheering-on all of the speakers.  I saw Cynthia Dixon and Del Parker, and some other faces I recognized, so I decided that rather than spending my time trying to capture the event, I would simply join in the fun.  It was a good time for all, and Jim DeMint gave an excellent talk about needing help in the Senate, meaning he want more constitutional conservatives.  He went on to extol the virtues of Ted Cruz, introducing the candidate to great applause, and Cruz made mention of the effort to repeal Obama-care, saying he would work every day until it had been repealed, killing off the notion of replacement: “Every last word…” must be repealed, vowed Cruz.  The crowd roared in approval.

Hearing the Roar

Cruz went on to introduce Governor Palin, and the crowd’s cheering was so loud from my vantage point that I couldn’t hear the first few words of her speech.  As always, when Governor Palin speaks at such an event, she speaks as much for those gathered as to them.  This event was no different, and she focused in particular on three themes, including the wreck Obama has made and is making of the country, and the intractability of the permanent political class in the mission to restore our constitution, and naturally, how Ted Cruz will be an important player in that fight.  She mentioned that she intended to try out Chick Fil-A on her way back to the airport, and as always, Governor Palin made good on her word, later posting this on her Facebook page:

The Palins Stop at Chick Fil-A

She wore the boots  Governor Perry gave her on a previous visit to the Lone Star State, saying “at least in that one case he made a good decision,” but also gently chiding Perry for his present support of David Dewhurst in the primary against Ted Cruz.  She mocked Obama’s assertion of last week in Texas that he’s seeing “shades of purple,” implying that the state might one day go Democrat.  With the amnesty-by-executive-order that Obama has put in place, there can be little doubt that is part of his aim.  Governor Palin exhorted the crowd to not let Texas go purple or blue.  Said the Governor:

“There will be an Alaskan-sized blizzard on the Brazos before Texas turns blue for Barack.”

“Damn straight.”  (So said many in the crowd.)  She also went after the “lap-dogs in the media practicing yellow journalism,” but then she shifted her focus to the permanent political class in Washington DC that has managed to confound some of the efforts of the Tea Party patriots who sent more conservatives to the House in 2010, managing to co-opt some of them.  She was brilliantly on point as she made clear that politicians in both parties have failed to carry out their constitutional responsibilities, passing Obama-care over the objections of the American people, and failing to enact a budget in four years, but she reminded the crowd:

“There’s nothing wrong with America that a good, old-fashioned fair election can’t fix.”

She then explained that she was supporting Ted Cruz because he is a common-sense, constitutional conservative, saying “Ted Cruz represents the positive change we need.”

Sarah Palin, Ted and Heidi Cruz, Jim DeMint

You can watch the video here, courtesy of  the BarracudaBrigade:

As has been the case at events in which Gov. Palin speaks, after the conclusion of her remarks, and to the cheering of the crowd, she and Todd went off-stage and to the rope line, where she signed autographs for a long while, and as usual, the rope-line was mobbed.

I don’t have a firm grasp on how many people were in the park for the event, but I would guess there had been well over one-thousand, perhaps closer to twice that number, despite the sweltering heat.  One thing is certain: Texas really is Palin country, and all who want to support a common-sense, constitutional conservative in this election ought to follow Governor Palin’s lead.  With early voting over across the Lone Star State, what remains is election day, Tuesday, 31 July.  Let’s get out the vote and put Ted Cruz over the top!




GrizzlyFest Winter Session Live

Friday, February 24th, 2012

On Saturday, the 25th of February at 1pm EST, 10am PST, GrizzlyFest’s winter session will kick off on several websites, including this one!  There will be a link at the top of the homepage, and you will be able to tune in right here for the event. Here’s the schedule:

Part 1: The Watchdogs

Sarah Nuckles, transportation commissioner who blew whistle on $344 million vote-buying scam in So. Carolina
Adam Andrzejewski, founder of For The Good Of Illinois, a watchdog group putting government checkbooks online.

Part 2: Crony Capitalism 101

Peter Schweizer, Stanford fellow, author of Throw Them All Out
Luigi Zingales, Univ. of Chicago professor and co-author Saving Capitalism From the Capitalists

Part 3: Sudden and Relentless Reform

Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin, facing recall election for challenging public sector unions
Scott Beason, Alabama state senator, challenging 10-term incumbent Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus

Plus: On-the-Ground Update from American Grizzlies United & Thomas Schmitz

Join your friends in the Palin Movement to hunt for real reformers!

Learn more about our Grizzly Fest Guests here.


The Grizzly Bear in the Room

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Will The Roar Grow?

I want to take a moment to address in more detail that which I have watched from afar, and only commented on briefly as what had been more or less a bullet point in a larger story, but if you really want to know what elevated Newt Gingrich to a runaway victory in South Carolina, it goes back to one moment. Although she appears on Fox News regularly, particularly now that the primary season has begun, Governor Sarah Palin’s hat-tip to Gingrich on Sean Hannity’s television show was the key moment.  Looking at the polling data, it was clear that Gingrich’s big night in the Fox News debate on Monday cracked the door open, but when Palin declared to Hannity that she would vote for Gingrich were she a voter in South Carolina, that little mention, surely not a full endorsement, shoved open the door and sent many thousands of the Mama Grizzly’s most ardent supporters and friends out in the pursuit of that end. If you had wondered what a Palin campaign might have resembled, you have witnessed now only a sample.

In an effort made of devoted pursuit, across South Carolina, Tea Party members heard Palin’s words as the signal, and to the polls they went and beat back Mitt Romney, by lifting up Gingrich.  The breaking of the news of an ongoing struggle inside ABC’s executive suites over the Marianne Gingrich story was launched with the intent of arresting this movement, the idea being to head it off quickly.  A story that had been intended to destroy Gingrich in the last moments of the week(despite the official story at ABC,) was instead brought into the light and exposed for the slimy bit of manipulation it had been.

Across the Internet, people dug through old stories, and dug up old information, and before the story had festered six hours, it was already being put directly to bed.  ABC moved it up, first to Friday night, and then to Thursday, but the obvious nature of the ploy was something that the Tea Party, and particularly those known as “Palinistas,” had seen and witnessed many times before.  Repeatedly, over the last three and one-half years, supporters of Palin have watched as similar attacks were launched in Palin’s direction, but with much less scandal behind it.  Part of the scheme they had learned to notice had been the way timing was always employed to maximum effect. None who saw the flashing light on Drudge Wednesday evening had any illusion about the nature of the attack.

On Thursday morning, when  Rick Perry announced the suspension of his campaign, he made a powerful statement about the fallibility of all mankind and the redemption possible to any who seek it.  He stepped forward boldly, in the midst of the continuing theme of attack against Gingrich, and endorsed the former Speaker of the House in spite of the media.  This small moment of confirmation made it clear to many who followed his speech that he was clearly rejecting the media narrative and timing.  A little while later, Governor Palin tweeted her respect and admiration for Rick Perry’s patriotic message, and this served as confirmation to many that the Newt train would leave the station on schedule.  After that, almost nothing else mattered except for Gingrich’s own rebuke of the media on Thursday night, so that when the interview aired of Marianne Gingrich, the few who sat through it were Romney supporters looking for a new source of dirt.

While all of this went on, through the night and into the morning, Tea Party folks in South Carolina rose to make a stand.  They began to volunteer for Gingrich, and they got out the vote for him in epic fashion.  One could hear the faint echos of the roar drifting down from Wasilla, Alaska, but more importantly, one could see it in the frenzy of activity around Gingrich’s campaign operation.  There was only one source of this momentous surge, and Gingrich acknowledged it thankfully, and well he should have, because while he might have managed a victory without Palin’s shout-out, the truth is that he would never have accomplished it under such a withering and well-timed assault without all of the Palinistas and Tea Party folk who responded to her call.  Seven in ten people who voted for Gingrich said they were Tea Party, or Tea Party-aligned.  As Romney campaigned, mostly ignoring the Tea Party, Palin’s small hat-tip in Newt’s direction sealed the fate of the Mittster.

The injection of this sort of impetus into a race is almost unprecedented, but for her own previous engagements.  Her ability to guide and shape the outcome is a phenomenon of which every other politician in the country is now unhappily aware.  They saw the effectiveness of her campaigning and endorsements in 2010, and they noticed that she carries elections at least twice as often as she doesn’t, even in tough regions.  They also know now the terrible force of her slimmest positive mention in favor of their rivals.  What this points out most of all, however, is how quickly the Palin-inclined Tea Party can muster when they see a clear choice.  Palin simply provides the clarity, and since they know her record of earnest reform, they tend to give greater weight to her judgments.

There is one more thing about all of this that I haven’t seen mentioned, but it’s noteworthy, and I offer it to you as evidence of my thesis:  I believe that even at this late date, if the Mama Grizzly decided to do her own roaring, she would quickly dominate the field. I know that’s wishful thinking, and I realize the likelihood is something less than the discovery of a warm personality in Mitt Romney’s suit, but it bears repeating outside the confines of my narrow skull. The effective nature of Palin’s influence in South Carolina should offer you a hint of what she could bring to bear on this or any campaign, and I look forward to seeing her in full support of the growth of the House majority, and the overturning of the Senate, but most of all her committed and forceful leadership in the matter of “sudden and relentless reform.”  Our country desperately needs it, and even if she will not have seek an office, her leadership will be needed more than ever.  In Washington, they’re fearful, and the GOP and media elite are listening intently for the sound they dread, should the Mama Grizzly begin again to roar.