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Poll Results: Big Government is Greatest Threat to Americans

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Politico is reporting the results of a Gallup survey in which it was found that 64% of Americans, essentially the same percentage that opposes Obamacare, believe big government represents the biggest threat to the American people, ahead of corporations(26%) and big labor(8%.)  Myself, while I find this encouraging, I think the survey should have added a couple of categories. Myself, I’d have thrown “big media” into the mix.  That aside, the thing to learn from this survey is that the American people view government as the problem, and they’re right.  This is a near-record level of fears about the size of government, and most astonishing is how many Democrats and Independents now see government as a looming threat.

This may be Barack Obama’s biggest vulnerability in 2012.  It’s clear that an overwhelming majority of Americans see big government as the problem, and nobody is more thoroughly big-government than President Obama.  Looking closely at the numbers, what becomes clear is that the biggest shift has come among Democrats, who usually see big business as the greater threat.  In just the last two years, that has shifted markedly, with a plurality of Democrats now judging government the bigger threat.

Nobody is surprised when a majority of Republicans find big government to pose the most imposing threat of the three categories, but it’s astonishing to see that more Democrats now worry about big government than even about big business.  You can bet that over at the White House, these numbers are making some folks cringe.  It means that this coming election year, a truly conservative message may well be significantly more popular with voters in general, and this holds out some hope that if Republicans can nominate an actual conservative, they may capture the White House in grand fashion.

I think the writing is on the wall. If the Republicans can get their act together, they have a great opportunity in 2012, because all in all, voters have grown sick of Obama, and are worried about the kind of government he is building.  This poll merely buttresses that assessment.