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My President

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Defiance: President Trump on his way to his continuing persecution

I’ve been wandering around on this rock for a long while now.  I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’ve seen communism up close, and I thought as a young man that I had helped put an end to it.  Thirty-five years of watching the slow and purposeful destruction of this, once the greatest country on Earth, has been an education in my former hubris, and the sickeningly over-optimistic appraisal born of youthful inexperience.  In the last thirty months, we have watched the completion of a communist take-over.  The federal government, along with a growing number of states, has been methodically hollow-out of any patriotic influence.  In the vacuum was placed a cadre of agents whose mission is to carry out the destruction of the very republic to which they swore an oath.  They never believed in the oath.  They never believed in the constitution or the republic it had formed.  Foolishly, I had assumed that my exertions and the exertions of my comrades-in-arms had paved the way to protect our way of life, but when I returned home from a half-decade overseas stint, something was off.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, not precisely, but even in my relatively short absence, the country had changed in ways that did not comport with the America I had known, and that had sent me and my brethren so far afield in its defense.  Watching the media circus of today’s arrest and arraignment of President Donald J. Trump, I have but one message for my countrymen:  This is my President.  Until he has been re-elected and served-out another term, there can be no other.

I needn’t restate the facts for conservatives, but for those who’ve been oblivious to the world around them these past thirty months: This has been a coup d’etat, begun on the 3rd of November 2020.  They achieved the peak of their activities in securing and consolidating the coup on January 6th, 2021.  The object was to control the executive authority of the United States, and with it, to undermine and complete its destruction.  Now, they are in the last phase of that operation, which includes most notably the suppression of any counter-coup.  The chief method by which to suppress it is to incapacitate its leader.  This and any subsequent legal attacks on Donald Trump or anybody associated with him will be aimed at stopping the counter-coup.  When they become desperate, they will resort to more… kinetic means.

These people are traitors, operating in the open, using the language of a civilized, just, American republic to disguise their anti-American agenda.  When they speak of “our democracy,” you must know that they speak these words with guile as their intention.  “Our democracy” is code for their communistic mafioso-style dictatorship.  It has nothing whatever to do with the broader idea of “democratic institutions.”  The only such institution for which they have any concern is the Democrat party, but only because it has become their fence with which to contain and move their herd.

President Trump is the only serious opponent now able to stand in opposition to them.  We know it, but they know it too.  Their laser-like focus on the person of Donald Trump is the only thing you need to know to understand that there can be no substitute.  There can be no other person, at present, who is able to bear our standard into battle.  Make no mistake: This is a war, and you ought to begin to conduct yourselves as such, even while we are not yet direct combatants.  Do not offer aid or comfort to this enemy.  Mock them.  Publicly berate them.  Deprive them of your wealth, by withholding your commerce with them.  We must, to the degree possible, begin the awful but powerful chore of bringing these demons to heel, lest we invite even greater tyranny against us.

Joseph R. Biden is an illegitimate president.  I will treat him as such.  I owe him no loyalty, as I owe his government no loyalty.  While it remains under his control, and therefore the control of the elements directing him, I will remain disobedient.  I will not obey.  There is a distinction here, and I want you to understand it, lest I lead you unintentionally astray.  The US Constitution is still the supreme law of the land, but in largest measure, it is no longer operative in its traditional role.  This is distinct from the United States Government, which is now in open insurrection against the American people in contravention of that constitution.

You owe no allegiance to such a government.

Your allegiance is owed only to the constitution under the name of which this fraudulent government now operates, and which this illegitimate government has subverted.

Sundance likes to count off the days of the resistance, and I endorse this habit.  You must now view your role, if you are a patriot, who willingly gives his allegiance to the constitution, to conduct yourselves accordingly.  These are enemies, and we must defeat and repel them.  We must remove them from power, and we must use our constitution as the basis by which we do it.  Donald J. Trump is my president.  He earned the right to return for a second term on 3 November 2020, but had that stolen from him.  Until we restore him to the presidency, the United States of America, as we have known it, is well and truly dead.

Newsflash: I have just heard this moment (via Steve Gruber on that President Trump is not schedule to return to court until DECEMBER. The trial is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

Who thinks this isn’t political?  Who?

Time for the Sword

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Time for the Sword

In the wake of the Mueller report, with the revelation that just as the President had maintained all along, there had been no collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, a whole chorus of voices has suddenly erupted on the Republican side to tell President Trump to “let it go.” Notable in representing that position has been the detestable Karl Rove, who urged President Trump to “move on” and focus on attracting middle-of-the-road voters who wouldn’t like to see this continue, in an article published in the Wall Street Journal.  As for his loyal base, who knew it was all a hoax, he’s supposed to ignore them, according to Rove and other Swamp-dwellers.  I might be inclined to use different terms in a moment of intemperate frustration, but the answer to that proposition must be “no.” There must be a reckoning here, and it must be carried out with a zeal seldom seen in Washington DC.  Justice has been perverted for more than two years, really, much longer than that, stretching back through at least the whole of the Obama administration, and as I suspect, back into the Bush era, and likely all the way through to the Clinton administration in the 1990s.  If you want to know why Rove and the rest of the Uni-Party players want this shut down, it has nothing to do with getting moderate voters’ support.  It has everything to do with saving their own skins.  The truth is that Lady Justice must be loosed on the lot of them if we’re ever to drain the swamp, and President Trump must make it entirely clear that now is the time for her sword.

It’s not as though the required clean-up needs to be the only thing on President Trump’s agenda, but I also believe it’s fair to say that if he to keep his promise to “drain the swamp,” an area where he’s had only token success, he’s going to need to let the sword fall again and again on the entire treasonous cabal that conspired to deny him the office, then to confound his presidency, and finally to remove him entirely.  The problem is that this cabal had elements in the previous administration, and it had elements that were part of the large permanent bureaucracy, a.k.a., the “Deep State,” but it also had elements who were part of his own party and its extended branches of the DC Uni-Party.  It is that segment of the Republican establishment from which you will now hear the calls to “move on.” We should have learned long ago that Rove and those like him offer conservatives only beatings, but never victory.

They can’t afford for the truth to be known about their complicity in attempting to overthrow Donald Trump.  They know that if he digs very far, and if he turns over a stone or two, it won’t be only a passel of Democrats and corrupt media types that the president will uncover.  Instead, what he’ll find is the whole dirty mess of them: Democrats and Republicans; Government officials and media outlets; deep-state bureaucrats and plants within his own administration.  In short, he will find that the corruption in Washington DC is so thorough that he’s going to need more than a sword, or several of them.  He’s going to need to clear-cut the whole place.

Naturally, there are several things President Trump has at his disposal.  One is his Attorney General, and all of the investigative and prosecutorial ability that is explicitly the province of the Department of Justice.  Another powerful tool he has at hand is the power of declassification.  He can simply start exposing the “Deep State” and all of its players by simply making public what has been classified previously, often with the sole purpose of preventing embarrassment or criminal exposure of employees and officials who would otherwise be forced to answer to we, the people.  There are other less obvious means the President may employ, and while I’ve mentioned these before, I think it’s time that President Trump begins to really think through how to drain the swamp in a meaningful and thorough manner.

President Trump can break up the swamp.  Part of the problem with Washington DC is that it concentrates the whole of the Deep State in one camp, where they can collude and conspire and carry on without reference, never mind respect, to the orders of those elected and appointed over them.  The President should begin immediately to decentralize our Federal Government’s offices, for the sake of National Security – in order to avoid our government having all its eggs in one basket – and for the good health and order of the Federal Government.  He should leave only a very small liaison office in place in the District of Columbia.  Everything else should be moved out to the several states, and he should use National Security as the excuse.  In order to further drain the swamp, he should order that due to the dire risk of having all our eggs in one basket, the government will not be paying relocation allowances for employees, so they either move at their own expense, or they look for work elsewhere.  This single action would absolutely wreck the swamp.  The moaning and groaning would be loud and exhausting.  Tough.  This is what you get when you attempt to overthrow the president elected by the people you allegedly swore an oath to serve.  Besides, people in the private sector lose their jobs to relocation of plants and offices routinely.  More, they often lose their jobs because some government regulator comes along and makes a rule that puts them out of business, often arbitrarily or capriciously. Again, tough!

You might claim this is “mass punishment.”  It’s a privilege to work for our government – not a right!

The President must immediately begin the process of loosing Lady Justice.  Otherwise, his presidency will be mooted, and he will never be able to get anything done anyway, so what was the point of his presidency?  President Trump shouldn’t take advice from Karl Rove or any other swamp-rat.  His loyal supporters who stood by them against the ridicule and torment of the two years of hoaxing deserve justice too.  No, Rove is speaking for the swamp.  He IS the swamp.  It’s time for justice Mr. President, and it’s damned-well time for the sword!

Editor’s Note:  A local Talk-show host in the DFW area began a petition on the Whitehouse site to get the President to deal with the Swamp. See it and sign up here.


How Donald Trump Can Save the World (Or at least the Internet)

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Trump Can Save the World… Or at least the Internet

In the wake of the horrific shooting in New Zealand, what we’ve learned is that the country is fully invested in Internet censorship.  They now threaten to jail and fine people who possess, publish, and/or share video of the shooting.  There’s no such thing as Freedom of Speech in New Zealand, and this is a spreading phenomenon as more and more countries use their regulatory power over telecommunications companies as well as plain old tyrannical law to censor their people.  We must never permit this here in the United States, but increasingly, large corporations that claim exemptions under the Communications Decency Act have begun to behave like content publishers rather than mere publishing platforms for content creators.  This is despicable.  On the one hand, Facebook claims indemnification from lawsuits because they are not a content creator, but on the other hand, Facebook wants to control and maintain veto authority over content.   President Trump must act to take this on, and one lever he has against some foreign governments deals directly with Anglophone countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  What he must do is threaten to walk from FVEY(pronounced Five Eyes) and begin denying them access to our signals intelligence.  They already deserve sanctions for assisting the Obama administration in spying on Trump’s campaign, but this is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Reform and free the Internet along with free speech or the USA will withdraw from the UKUSA agreement.

President Trump should begin on a small scale, by conquering the Anglophone world, first. The first place he must act, sadly, is in the United States.  He must put the various “platforms” on notice that if they insist on censoring content, he will be forced to treat them just like any other content publisher.  Let’s see how that goes, first.  After that, he needs to push this first to the allegedly enlightened Anglophone world, and then to Europe, and from there, Central and South America.  After that, it gets harder, but he’s going to need to tackle this.  Not only can he save the Internet, but in the process, he can save the world. You see, the Internet really only works well when free speech prevails.

This morning, GatewayPundit published an article demonstrating pretty convincingly that Twitter has intentionally depressed the popularity of @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS in order to hamper President Trump directly.  There are two things about this that must be addressed:

  1. This may constitute an illegal campaign contribution to Democrats
  2. This would mean that Twitter is acting as a publisher, and not as a platform, which would end their exemption under the Communications Decency Act

Of course, there are all sorts of other things implied in this case, but it’s clear that Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, (@Jack on Twitter) is going to have some serious explaining to do. It’s clear that his social media platform is acting more like a content provider.  I and other conservatives have noted some “Shadow-banning” in association with our own accounts, and it began in earnest once Twitter began tinkering with its algorithms.  Early on, what you got in your timeline was always in pure date-time order, meaning you got the tweets of the people you followed, and that was it.  Then Twitter inserted ads.  After that, they began manipulating who you saw, and how often, and started trying to determine whose tweets you ought to see, and whose tweets you ought not see.  Then came the great timeline kerfuffle in which they openly and brazenly manipulated the way your timeline received tweets.  The blow-back was pretty severe, so they tucked away an option in your settings, hidden in plain sight, that permits as user to revert to plane date-time ordered timelines.  The problem is that even there, Twitter is still manipulating the results.

For the last several years, it has been strongly suspected, and now proven, that Twitter has shadow-banned users and content for what appear to be wholly political motivations. “Shadow-banning” basically lets a user send out his or her tweets like normal, but those tweets are hidden from the user’s followers, and neither the user nor his followers are aware.  In some cases, they’ve used this to simply delay the posting of tweets, meaning that your tweets will ultimately be seen, but often long after their relevance has been lost.  Sometimes, this seems to be user-based, and sometimes, it’s based purely on the content of a particular tweet.

What all of this means is that Twitter is engaged in systematic discrimination against conservatives and other users they don’t like for various reasons.  This means that they’re actually designing the content of peoples’ timelines, rather than letting come what may, as should be the case if they’re simply a platform for free speech, as they claim. It’s time to address this, and President Trump has that authority.  Yesterday, Devin Nunes(R-CA) filed a lawsuit against Twitter for defamation based on these and related types of discriminatory and misleading activities.  Here’s a clip from Hannity, on which Nunes appeared on Monday:

The President is in a position to do something about all of this, and he should leverage any assistance he can get from Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and any other assets at his disposal.  If Twitter(and other social media companies) is going to maintain its exemption under the Communications Decency Act, then they must immediately cease censorship of content.  Otherwise, they must lose their exemptions and be subject to the myriad of lawsuits that would ordinarily arise if that exemption was not in place.  The whole purpose of that exemption was to create a place where free speech could reign, and not be confounded by endless lawsuits, but when the platform itself is corrupted, it becomes a publisher and not a referee preventing abuses.  That’s where the Federal role to intercede arises.

In our modern age, Twitter is just one of a number of social media companies, but as Nunes contends in his lawsuit, to remain competitive in politics, business, or almost any sort of pursuit, one must be tied into social media or be overrun by competitors.  It’s therefore essential that Twitter and other “platforms” be brought to heel, before they are making all of the decisions about who can speak in any context on any subject.  What they’re doing now is a fraud and a hoax against their users.  If President Trump wants to make a real difference, he can save free speech, and thereby save the prime value of the Internet, which is to give you and I a voice and a way to plug into the global discussion.  Otherwise, it really is just an Orwellian world of double-speak in which freedom doesn’t exist despite flowery words to the contrary.

Go get ’em, President Trump!