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It’s “For Their Own Good”

Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Police and Protesters clash in Melbourne Australia

Nothing is more despicable than a government abusing its people. The Australian government, like so many others, is in absolute insurrection against its people on the claim that its lockdown measures are “for their own good.” Think about this: They’re imposing violence, fines, lockdowns, and every sort of bedlam on the people of Australia in order to “save them” from an infection that has a ninety-nine (plus) percent survival rate.  Think about that: In order to “save them,” they’re willing to hammer the Hell out of them. They’re willing to impose poverty and isolation and actual physical harm on the people of their country. Such governments are increasingly the norm, and as I (and many others) predicted two decades ago when the Australian people largely surrendered their right to arms, the object was always totalitarianism.  It always is. If you give government power, or surrender your rights to government, it is only a matter of time until some dirtbag comes to power in government who will use the power or your lack of rights to subjugate the people of the nation. It’s inevitable. This is because humans are imperfect, and foul people sometimes(and all too frequently) are able to come into power.  In fact, I would argue that politicians are frequently the most dangerous people, because they possess an insidious arrogance about their ability to impose their policy preferences on their fellow man.  In Australia now, it’s off the charts. People are joining in open resistance, and they should be.  Tyrants always claim to act on behalf of the public. They always lie about it.

In Melbourne, they’re chanting “Freedom!”

In some instances, Australians are giving notice that they’ve had enough:

These sorts of abuses have begun in America too. So far, they’ve been confined to deep blue locales, like New York City under the rule of Mayor Bill DeBlasio, a.k.a. “DeCommio.” I believe the sole reason they haven’t gone wall-to-wall is because America has something Australia ceded in 1999: The right to own firearms. It is only our Second Amendment that gives the same brand of tyrants pause here in the United States, and it’s my contention that they intend to strip you of these rights before much longer. Folks, if you think they’ve become tyrannical with their lockdowns and mandates already, wait until they strip you of the right to keep and bear arms. They’ve already attacked your ability to get some foreign-made ammunition. That’s not accidental. The price of ammo had begun to slowly drift downward, and while not down to its pre-pandemic prices, it was heading slowly down as supplies increased over the last few months. This week, Biden banned the importation of ammunition from Russia, which is a direct attack on several lower-end brands of ammunition, such as Wolf. I don’t have any evidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that somebody in the Biden administration is heavily invested in some domestic brands. It’s just how they roll.

As the unrest spreads, with France and the UK becoming more volatile by the week, and with Australians finally, belatedly beginning to stand up, and with the globalists pushing their vaccines and masks and lockdowns at an ever-escalating pace, and with ever more naked coercion and aggressive force supporting it, it’s likely to get much worse. Before this is all over, I expect some Western[ized] nation to have a Tiananmen Square type of massacre. As we’ve seen with the surrender of Kabul Afghanistan, history’s worst instances have been repeating themselves in too many ways, also at an accelerating pace.  It’s time for readers to prepare themselves for whatever comes next. It’s not likely to be pretty.




The Radical Left Moves Against America

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Creating the Excuse

The radicals who are pushing the “Days of Rage” and “Occupy Wall Street” protests are blossoming in other venues.  Most of them fit the definition of “useful idiots,” but they’re too ignorant a lot to even recognize that they’re being used.  This whole movement is an astro-turf operation being put on by the socialist and communist front in this country.  Their leadership has seen the hand-writing on the wall, as the vast bulk of the country is unhappy with the Marxist reflexes of President Obama.  What they’re attempting now is to complete the revolution, and with each passing day, the situation grows more dangerous.  Whether this is a dry run, or the main event is impossible to determine, but one thing is becoming more abundantly obvious:  These protests are not nearly so dangerous as the ideology that now drives and propels the protesters in their rage against capitalism.

In my youth, the so-called Cold War was the focus of the struggle between liberty and statism.  When the Cold War ended, the communist elements in this country came out of the woodwork and began to push their notions safely in public.  Most people viewed them as impotent kooks, but their basic ideas are attractive to some, fundamentally flawed though they may be.  Examined closely, what you discover is that their ideas are a collection of platitudes, but they do not answer any of the fundamental questions confronting humanity, except in one sense:  What the pleasantries of their ideology leaves hanging in ambiguity is the method by which they are to achieve their utopia, and the answer is always the same: Brutal, naked force and coercion.

In the first instance, it is common for people confused about philosophy and politics to fall into the trap of believing that all systems rely upon coercion and force.  This is only true when considered in the most superficial manner, but upon closer examination, a stark truth is revealed:  Freedom and tyranny apply violence or its threat under very different situations.  In a system based upon liberty, violence may be used only as a response to some form of aggression.  In any form of statism, violence and its perpetual threat become the sole means of maintaining order.

In liberty, it is assumed that all people have certain unalienable rights that are a precondition of their existence.  These are generically  the rights to life, liberty, property, and volition.  In any system of liberty, it is assumed that these are the requisites of a successful life.  The only way in which they are yielded is by one’s own choices.  To murder or steal are to violate the rights of others, and these are methods by which to yield one’s rights.  Living one’s life by one’s efforts and at one’s own expense, while avoiding the violation of the rights of others should bring no negative consequences from society.  Such a system can flourish with minimal government provided its people are of a character to abide by these rules.  Only the system of capitalism meets the needs of liberty.

In any form of statism, it is supposed that men have no unalienable rights, and that the interests of individuals are always superseded by the state.  There is no presumption of even the right to life or property, and both are subject to immediate disposal by the state.  In this way, in any such system, people are perpetually subject to the arbitrary whims of the will of the state, an invisible, indefinite monster with no limits of any kind.  This sort of system appeals to the immoral because it forces them to be good according to some standard they are willing to accept because it suits them, and it suits them so well only because they suspect initially that they will never be the subject of its demands.

Infamous celebrity and potential tyrant, Roseanne Barr recently stated that a limit on wages of one-hundred million dollars ought to be the standard, and any who wouldn’t yield their wealth beyond that amount ought to be beheaded.  Notice that she’s a good deal wealthier than most of us, but she doesn’t imagine ever attaining one-hundred million in wealth, so she’s willing to set the bar somewhere safely out of reach above herself.  Unfortunately for her, what she doesn’t realize is that somebody lower than she on this  economic ladder will naturally suggest that one million dollars is sufficient, and that she too must be subject to beheading.  That person may be beheaded by yet another person who says one-hundred thousand is enough, and so on, until you get all the way down to the person who suggests that any who have anything ought to be subject to this punishment for “excessive wealth.”

Statism is an official, government-compelled race to the bottom, with coercion and violence as its sole methodology.  The protesters now rising in demonstration in New York, and in Boston, and elsewhere around the country understand this quite well.  Their presence isn’t aimed at any peaceful purpose, but instead to state their threats by sheer volume.  They don’t even realize that they are to be used as fodder when things get out of hand.  When the real violence begins, those who led them will slip out of the way, and avoid culpability and consequence leaving their dirty work to the mindless mob that believes in the tyranny of the mob.  This has been the great object of everything Barack Obama has undertaken as President, and his economic policy is designed to create this environment. In order to become the greater tyrant he intends to become, he is waiting for a signal, and it’s already starting: “Make it stop.”

This is their goal. They wish to push the American people to make that appeal to government.  If violence begins in earnest, the calls for the federal government to step in will escalate.  This is the excuse for which Obama now waits.  Many among us now watch and wonder, believing this cannot go so far as to set aside all we had known in our America.  It’s your job to tell them, you who had known better, that the purpose of this spectacle is to steal their rights and all the liberty they had known.  It’s time for some frank talk with our friends, family, and neighbors.  It’s time to switch off the football game long enough to make this clear to people who haven’t been paying  sufficient attention, lest they be drawn in too.  It won’t take much to push us over the edge now, and if we are to prevent it, we must prepare them for what is coming, to save their lives along with our own.  Yes, it has become as important as that.  Yes, it’s time to talk with those around you, and while it may be uncomfortable at first, you may also be surprised at how well they understand.  The defense of the Republic should begin belatedly now, and it must begin with you.