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The Grass-Roots Revolt Begins Anew

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Virtual Pitchforks...So Far

It’s beginning.  Florida’s grass-roots Republicans and Tea Party folk have begun to figure out what is going on with the GOP establishment, and as the fact-checking and refutations of the Romney machine begin in earnest, the question is now: Do they have enough remaining time to turn the corner?  With just four days until the Florida primary, there’s a new sense of outrage among conservatives who believe they’re being snookered by Romney, and all his various and sundry surrogates in the establishment and in media.  There’s no doubt but that Gingrich has been set up again this week, and the base of the party is sensing it too, and reacting vociferously against it.

Nobody likes to lose, but to be sabotaged by one’s alleged allies is something else again, and to be undercut by one’s own party is simply no longer acceptable.  The base of the party is getting the word out via Twitter and Facebook and email, and almost any form of social media.  You can observe the disgust that characterizes their messages, as they explain how they will refuse to be manipulated in this way.  Here’s a sample from Twitter:

Pointing out the obnoxious hypocrisy of Romney in castigating Gingrich over retail politics Thursday night:

@byronyork: Romney tells FL space coast crowd he’ll consult really smart people and come up with a mission for the space program.

Then a word on the change of support by the Latino community:

@josh_painter: Latino Republicans Withdraw Support For Romney, Endorse Gingrich –

Over the attempt to manipulate the party:

@sistertoldjah: NEW from ST: Memo to the GOP Establishment: STOP trying to manipulate conservative voters

Over Romney’s bullying of a reporter:

@rosethistleart: Romney bullies a reporter legitimately questioning the lobbyist on Romney’s team

On the hypocrites in media who once called Romney unelectable as they now kiss his backside:

@LegInsurrection:Remember when @jrubinblogger said Romneycare rendered Mitt all but unelectable?

On Newt being the heir to Reagan contrary to the Romney surrogates’ claims:

@politiJim: Newt Isn’t Reagan Enough? Would Ronald Reagan Saying So Convince You? (Via Nancy, He Did) ~ PolitiJim’s Rants |

On the servile behavior of Ann Coulter:

@Common_Sense4U: The Embarrassing Coulter Meltdown on The Factor – What or Who Was Behind It?

More on the NRO trashing of Newt:

@joebrooks:NRO’s Newt trashing exposed as FALSE

Another revelation on ANOTHER issue on which Newt Gingrich was trashed by Connie Mack(on behalf of Mitt):

@desertgardens: Miami Herald: Freddie Mac attack boomerangs on Connie Mack

On Romney’s Romney-care lies:

@checktothepower:  Romney’s Big Healthcare Lie…

On the GOP establishment:

@maxcua: Mark Levin: Looks Like The Entire GOP Establishment Is Out To Stop Newt = 100% w/ NEWT

Of course, this is just a small sample, and if you use Twitter, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a revolt against the GOP establishment brewing. This is the only hope we have, and I’d urge all of those of you who use twitter to do the same.  If you have contacts in Florida, they need to know the truth, and it’s up to you to deliver it, because we already know the media will not.