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Alert: Charlie Rose Identifies Rick Santorum…

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Dreaded "Social Conservative"

Perhaps I should warn you that the content maybe disturbing to some readers, and maybe Charlie Rose should stick to asking honest questions.  In this interview of Rick Santorum on CBS, Rose tries to get Santorum to answer for remarks by Foster Friess on contraception and “an aspirin between the knees,”  in another interview with Andrea Mitchell who was offended and left speechless by the remark.  Santorum said he wasn’t about to comment on every controversial remark of every supporter of his who says something about which others may become offended.  It’s true to say that Santorum isn’t Friess, and Friess isn’t Santorum, so it’s hard to understand what point Rose was trying to make other than to smear Santorum by association.

That’s a favored tactic of lefties, but as Santorum correctly point out, it’s not something they’re willing to entertain even slightly when it comes to the things said by associates of people on the left, such as Barack Obama’s long affiliation with the black liberation theology spewed consistently for decades in Reverend Wright’s church.  That, of course, is beyond the pale, but more, it is interesting to hear Rose dismiss it as old news.

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It may be old news, but not on your network, pal.  More, it is as if Rose wants to seriously contend that since he’s not practicing a double standard, apparently because we’re to believe that…CBS has improved its journalistic standards?  Please.  Charlie Rose is a left-wing hack who got busted by Santorum who continued to insist that this is a trumped-up bit of nonsense, and that the media is trying to make hay of it for the sake of their own political agenda.  He’s right, and it’s completely unfair, and just as the media is willing to ignore Obama’s record, they’re equally willing to ignore their own inconsistent standards.

Of all the things that Rose said, the most shocking was: “You have been identified as a social conservative…”

OH NO!!!  Identified by whom, Charlie?  Identified?  Oh goodness, has the FBI been notified?  A social conservative?  What is the world coming to now?  Social conservativesWho’s ever heard of such an outrageous thing? Somebody CALL DRUDGE NOW!  Get that little warning light going!

NEWSFLASH: Santorum identified as a social conservative!

It’s clear to me that Charlie Rose doesn’t know anything about social conservatives.  It’s further obvious that Santorum caught Rose with his pants down on that one, or well you know, I can’t say that in the same paragraph with the dreaded “social conservative.”

All this from the same people who seem to have no discomfort with Shariah…

The left is insane, and the proof is in the fact that they don’t even notice their double-standards or logical inconsistencies.