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Why Mitt Romney Won’t Cut It

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Looking for Backbone

When you boil it all down, one of the most upsetting things to many conservatives about Mitt Romney is his unwillingness to use the “S-word:” Socialist. Ann Coulter can poke fun at Tea Party folks and real conservatives if she likes, but the truth is that somebody who can’t seem to muster the courage to call Obama by what his own professions and pronouncements clearly make him out to be is somebody that we cannot afford in this election process to become the nominee of the GOP.  Asked by Bill O’Reilly if he thought Obama was a socialist, Mitt looked incredibly uncomfortable and half-stammered on the way to answering:

Here’s the problem, and Mitt knows it: If he now labels Obama as a socialist, people will necessarily remember Romneycare, Massachusetts’ health-care program signed into law by his own hand when Governor, and Obamacare, that is Obama’s signature socialist program, and conclude that Mitt is also a socialist.  More, Mitt doesn’t want to sound “bombastic” by using that term, as Ann Coulter would describe it, so instead Romney simply sticks to his talking points and describes Obama as a “big government liberal.”  Once again, if this is what Obama is, then we must ask: What is Mitt Romney?

This is one more reason that Romney has been unable to crack the 25-30% support level among the GOP electorate.  Most Republicans realize this is not the year for weasel-worded euphemisms, and the problem for Romney is that he has little else to offer.  He dare not use the term “socialist” at the risk of defining himself, so he sticks to something a little less “bombastic,” just in case.  Some people wonder why Romney doesn’t poll higher.  Here’s the answer.