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They’re Going After Trump

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Too Much Truth

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get ready for the inevitable. The crooked Manhattan DA along with others operating in New York are getting ready to go after President Donald J. Trump. Just like every other piece of their witch-hunt over the last few years, it’s all about fraud, mis-direction, mis-information, and despicable politicization of the law.  You should steel yourself for what’s to come.  The Arizona Audit results are coming.  It’s only a matter of time.  They have to attack Trump, and soon, so they will be forced to make the biggest media splash they’re able to generate. They’ve already sent out the usual suspects, including Mitt Romney and Al Gore, to attack the audits and attack the effort to get to the bottom of 2020. Let’s just be blunt: If they are permitted to get away with the 2020 steal, there is no 2022 or 2024.  There can be no legitimate elections until we learn the full extent of the steal.  If Trump lost, SHOW US.  If not, we need a reckoning, and it needs to reach into every branch of government, and it needs to include criminal remedies.  In his speech in Ohio over the weekend, President Trump said it best: “They used COVID to steal the election.” He’s right, but what’s more, they’re going to use all of these news stories they’re pushing, including the “Delta Variant” and whatever they do to attack Trump. in achieve that object about which I told you earlier this year:  When you carry out a coup d’etat, there’s no higher priority: Secure the coup.  All of these attacks are about creating a smokescreen to obscure their goal.  President Trump is out there trying to tell the world the truth while the media continues to bury it.  We must see through the fog.

You can watch the entirety of President Trump’s speech in Ohio here, courtesy of his channel on Rumble:

There’s nothing more despicable in all the history of the United States than what is being done right now.  We, the people, have been under continuous attack by elements of our own government, in collusion with media and also foreign actors, as well as corporate oligarchs since Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016. That’s what the impeachments were really about.  It’s all an attack on you.

Understand that the DC UniParty cannot tolerate Trump in office.  They cannot tolerate you having power via a President who’s more concerned with your welfare than the economic interests of a lengthy list of corporate oligarchs, media dirtbags, and politicians who subvert it all.  They were willing to steal the election, in part because they had to hide the degree to which they’ve succeeded in stealing previous elections.  Make no mistake: They don’t want you to see the Arizona Audit results, and if you do, they want to make sure you doubt those results. This is why for weeks, or months now, they’ve continuously pounded the audits as a “scam” and a “fraudit.”

This is why they had to suspend Rudy Giuliani’s law license in New York. They’ve literally attacked an American hero in order to further their attacks on President Trump. They have to stop this, because as Rasmussen reported last week, more than half the American people want to see audits, and an increasing proportion of the American electorate believes Joe Biden is an illegitimate President. The steal really happened and as more and more people, even Democrats, are discovering the extent of the corruption, and as Joe Biden’s destructive policies push America closer and closer to the brink, Americans are realizing that something is very, very wrong.

Even now, they’re trying to push the “Delta Variant” because they need to stop the American people from talking and seeing or sharing information. They need to put an end to these School Board Meetings, so another lock-down is in the offing. They need to prevent the American people from comparing notes on anything.  They know they can rig social media to the largest extent, and they can stifle search results, but if the American people are driven inside again, prevented from talking over the back fence with the neighbors, or engaging in public political activism, they can try to contain it.

I caution all of you: They want to incite violence or at least public protests they can infiltrate with provocateurs to incite violence.  Don’t fall for these tactics. They also intend to make it impossible to get information.  The Republican Party, that is in on the steal, is all too willing to help. Be aware that most media is corrupt. FoxNews is worthless. Yes, they have a few good hosts, but they’ve been muzzled too.  This is your country, they know they haven’t succeeded in securing the coup as yet, and all of this is aimed at that object.  Let your politicians know: There can be no discussion of 2022 or 2024 without fixing 2020.  We need to get to the bottom of the November 3rd elections, or all future elections are pointless.  Meanwhile, the UniParty needs to make its power bulletproof against future  elections.  Don’t let them.



Sarah Palin Speaks to Faith and Freedom Coalition

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Governor Palin spoke to the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Saturday in Washington DC.  She had a few words on “fertility,” among other topics.  Here’s the video, complete with introduction(H/T:Les Grossman):


What continues to astonish me with all she said in this speech is how the media lines up to attack her.  The UK Daily Mail couldn’t wait to run a headline about her “controversial claim” that Syria “should be left for Allah to work out.”

Frankly, that’s only controversial to a slimy, servile leftist press that is itching to get into Syria, and I believe that such an action is neither in our best national security interests nor in the best interests of our uniformed services that are already stretched far too thinly across the globe.  Combat as charity must end.  This model of intervention as a way to spread our wealth to countries whose residents almost uniformly hate us must stop.  Only a bunch of globalist dimwits could find Governor Palin’s remarks on the matter controversial.

The Bushies will hate this speech on that count, but also on her brief mention of “fertility,” as a small jab at Jeb’s foot-in-mouth episode of Friday.  Her willingness to take on the immigration reform bill and the Gang-of-Eight who authored it place her in direct opposition to the DC establishment that cannot wait for more instant Americans to use as grease lubricating the treads of advancing big government.

OMG! Mitt Romney Gave a Good Speech? OMG!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

It's Alive!

Mitt Romney gave a speech on Tuesday for which he is being widely praised as “having gone on offense,” and “sounding passionate,” and while I am happy to see that he has taken a slightly more aggressive stance, almost leaving one with the impression that he might have some desire to win after all, ladies and gentlemen, it’s one brief stump speech.  Governor Romney has been on the campaign trail pursuing the Presidency longer than most kindergartners have been alive.  One would hope that in such an expanse of time, he’s had a few moments to brush up on his form, and to actually refine his message a bit. More than anything, one would hope that somehow, over that period, he’s managed to conceive of some core values that consist of more than making deals, or seeking consensus.  Even if he has, before you toss your undergarments on the stage in a frenzy of adulation, I hope you’ll be a bit more reserved in asking:  Is this an anomaly or a the beginning of a trend?  If it is a new trend, you must ask yourself one question more: Is it sincere?  Does he mean it?

If he says it now, will he carry it out later?  I apologize to the “hope brigades” who will casually give themselves over out of desperation to be rid of Obama, but it’s going to take a good deal more than one decent speech to move me.  It might be argued with some justification that cynicism is prohibiting me from viewing this one speech as some watershed event in the evolution of candidate Romney, but call it what you will, my skepticism is not entirely or even slightly unfounded in light of the evidence.  On the one hand, we have the long record of Governor Romney’s public statements over decades, but on the other, we have less than thirty minutes in a stump speech following broad-based criticisms of the candidate’s tepid approach to campaigning.  Can you tell yourself without flinching, never mind me, that this is now the real Mitt Romney?  Put another way, I’m a great believer in Ockham’s Razor.

Given any number of plausible explanations, the simpler is more apt to be correct.  In this case, the three explanations for Romney’s speech on Tuesday must be that either he has really been a conservative all along, who is only now finding his voice despite years of opportunity, that he has undergone a real and abiding transformation in his philosophy, or that political expediency and the desire to unite the party behind him under severe recent criticism has forced him to go out on the ledge a bit.  While all of these are plausible explanations, I hope you’ll agree with me that the last is the simplest, because boiled down to its essence, it consists only of something politicians have done expertly for the entirety of human history:  He faked it.

I can already hear the rumblings from off in back, from those who will argue that I am being unduly harsh, but I must ask of those who would clobber me for my assessment:  In the last four years, I have never heard anybody ask whether in her numerous speeches, Sarah Palin had been passionate or sincere.  I have never seen the GOP so breathlessly exuberant over such a short speech.  The comparisons to Ronald Reagan are absurd, but that hasn’t stopped anybody in the establishment from beginning to whisper them.  All this over a few minutes in a speech, and yet you would think he had delivered the Sermon on the Mount.  Let us set aside the questions about his sincerity, and see what he said that had been so extraordinary. After all, Michelle Malkin was all a’twitter. Mark Levin called it “superb.” Let’s see what the hubbub is all about, shall we?

From Irwin, PA:


 That’s a very good speech indeed. It’s one, and it’s only one, but it was a good speech.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard better, recently, and indeed, much of it seemed to have been repeated from Governor Palin’s speech at the AFP Patriots in the Park speech over the weekend.  No, I’m not accusing Governor Romney of plagiarism, or anything silly like that.  I’m simply pointing out that one could nearly view it as though he had a good example, test-marketed if you will, of what revs up a crowd on Saturday when Governor Palin spoke.  What Republican candidate wouldn’t seek to emulate that appeal?  As to the substance, he has reduced his list to just five major points, rather than a lengthy fifty-nine point economic plan that would take several hours to deliver in a speech.  If he drops the bit about education, that would help more, since in fact, education really isn’t a Federal matter, although he seems to be dangling some notion of a voucher system without any details.  Also, what’s with the “replace it” business with respect to Obamacare?  I want to replace it with the law that existed the day before it was enacted.  He mentions defense, which is great, but he also spent a bit of time talking about energy development, and that’s been a major area of interest for Governor Palin as well as every productive American for some time.

A good speech?  Yes, it was good, but I think superlatives are a stretch. I also worry about his sincerity, but also his passion.  At times, his enthusiasm seemed forced, but his best moments may have come as he discussed the crony capitalism that defines this current presidency. His critique of Obama’s remarks about not “doing it on [our] own” should resonate well, and indeed, when he said with an indignant tone: “We paid for those services,” he hit the nail on the head. In my view, he should have extended his remarks a bit on one related matter, in which he was explaining how all of those services (teachers, fireman, road crews) hadn’t built the businesses, he went on to make mention of the fact that furthering one’s education, Obama would say that you had used the roads to go to school.  He acknowledged the truth of this, but he should also have noticed something else left unsaid in the President’s ridiculous remarks:  If one person can use the roads to go to school, upgrading their education, what is the excuse for all those who haven’t?

If some of us are paying for all of these services that Obama says are so critical to our collective success, why is it that more are not successful?  I think Romney should work that in, because it makes a fine point of differentiation.  After all, if schools, and fireman, and road projects benefit us all, why is it that only the successful should be thankful for them?  If that’s all that makes the difference between success and failure, we should have three-hundred-million billionaires by now.  Clearly, this proves the point: It’s not the road and bridges, the firemen, or the school teachers that make some successful while others are not. It is the spark of individual achievement, and it is best expressed in the notions of liberty that to his credit, Mitt Romney addressed.

While I’m not blown away as are some others by this speech, in part for its shortfalls, but also in part because I’m not altogether convinced he’ll follow through, I nevertheless note that many more will be willing to listen again, to see if he sharpens his message or heads back into Milquetoast territory.  I’m afraid that if he does the latter, you can prepare for a second term of Barack Obama, because to defeat him, Romney will need to attack his record, his philosophy, and his contradictory ideas, all without exposing his own.  That’s a tall order, but this speech was one positive baby-step in that direction.  Let’s hope he believes it. I’m withholding judgment pending more evidence.


Allen West to Lefties: “Get your leftism the hell out of America!”

Sunday, January 29th, 2012


I’m not going to write a lengthy article to accompany this. There’s really no point. Congressman Allen West makes plain everything that really needs to be said.  He spoke at a dinner Saturday in Florida that would see Herman Cain endorse Newt Gingrich for President shortly after Colonel West’s remarks concluded.  There’s a good reason West remains a highly motivational, show-stopping speaker at these sorts of events, and I personally look forward to hearing more from him soon.

Here’s the video: