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Obama’s SOTU: Blah Blah Blah – Here’s the Truth

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Do Any Believe?

There’s nothing more annoying than the dishonest spectacle that has become of our traditional State of the Union address.  President Obama will address Congress, and with it, the nation, and he will lie unconditionally and remorselessly.  He will tell us how we’re creating jobs, but that we can do more.  He will talk about the gap increasing between the rich and the poor, never telling you that it is his policies that are expanding the gap, while adding many more people to the poverty category. He will almost certainly discuss green energy, but he will not mention how he has used crony capitalism in that field to rob the American people.  What he probably will not mention is “Obama-care,” at least by that name. He may reference the Affordable Care Act and promise that things will get better for the disastrous program.  Whatever he says, it is likely to be a lie, in part or in whole, because he can’t very well go before the Congress and the American people and speak the truth about either his aims or the true State of the Union. Let us speak the truth.

As we have witnessed, there are now fewer Americans working than at any time since the Carter administration, and there are more people receiving government subsidies than ever before.  To the degree Wall Street has been doing well, it is only because the Federal Reserve has been pumping funny-money into the economy through Wall Street.  Government debt is growing at a phenomenal rate, unsustainable by any rational measure, and none of his so-called “stimulus” has born any fruit for the general economy, no matter how much his cronies on Wall Street and K Street may have benefited.

Our defenses haven’t been in such sorry shape since Carter, and our foreign policy is a mess.  Iran will have nuclear weapons, because Obama won’t do a thing to intervene.  At virtually every opportunity, this president can be seen to support the enemies of the United States while often snubbing long-time allies.  On the home-front, he continues to use the intelligence apparatus of the US against the American people.  Indeed, he is turning the entirety of the Federal Government into his own political police force even as his purge of senior military officers continues unabated.

He is stripping us of our defenses in a violent world, while advancing the cause of despotism at home. If you happen to publish anything even vaguely disagreeable, you can expect some arm of the Federal Government to pay you a visit, or otherwise persecute and prosecute you on any trumped-up charge.  Obama is converting the United States into a police-state, in which government has unlimited discretion but individuals have none.

“Vengeance is mine!” sayeth Obama.  He is pursuing revenge against the free market, political enemies, the rights of citizens and anybody else he believes must be punished.  Most of all, this means America as we have known it is under constant attack; the virtues that had begotten its prosperity are being stripped away.  The larger body of the American people feel set-upon, and they are under the gun.  Every virtue they had practiced in pursuit of their happiness is being punished.

Expect the President to tell us again that if Congress will not act, he has a phone and a pen, with which he will bring down further terror against the American people.  Will you have health insurance within the span of another year?  Wonder. Worry.  Watch and see.  Will you be able to keep any of your earnings by the time he is through?  What will they be worth once he finishes inflating the money supply?  Will you be permitted to speak your mind?  Will you be permitted to keep (never mind ‘bear’) arms in your own defense?  Will you be secure in your person against unreasonable searches and seizures?  Will you be immune from indefinite imprisonment? What measure of your liberties will he leave unmolested?

Now we prepare to listen to the dictator lay down the law, as if that had been his constitutional function all along. His stooges and henchmen go out into the press and broadcast that now is the time for “action” and “direct action” and “real action.”  When you hear or read this, what you’re really witnessing is leftist code for mob violence. Obama is losing his grip on the hearts of Americans charitable enough to have given him a chance.  He has capitalized on this tendency of Americans, but their patience has worn thin in most quarters.  His enchanting sing-song of 2008 no longer “plays in Peoria.”  As things stand, he certainly won’t gain control of the House and could still lose the Senate in November, but he does not wish to be obstructed.  Obama is carrying out a coup d’etat and the media won’t tell you much about it, because they’re largely complicit, if not directly assisting in bringing it to fruition.

Now is the time when the left will act to consolidate its power, and to cement the “fundamental transformation” of America they had promised, and this means making certain it can never be undone.  Prepare yourselves, Americans, for the tyrant-king has set the stage, but up until now it’s been a warm-up act.  He knew he couldn’t complete his mission in four years, but with a second term and three years remaining, now he can afford to take more dramatic steps.  Do not be astonished by what you hear tonight, if watch this spectacle you must, but instead watch for the unspoken words behind the sentiments that will herald the beginning of the end of the republic.


Response to Daniels’ Response

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

On Tuesday night, Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, delivered the Republican response to the President’s State of the Union address, but to be honest, I don’t think Mitch Daniels said much of consequence that I can endorse with respect to the battle in which we’re engaged for the form and the soul of America.  I don’t believe we can afford his weak response, because it was delivered so dispassionately, and with so many contradictions that I doubt it could convince anybody but Charles Krauthammer, who I knew would love it.  Please read his response here.  Daniels responded to Obama, and now I will respond to him:

There are some Republicans who believe we must show more than a modicum of respect for the occupant of the office of President, irrespective of the level of villainous, unconstitutional tyranny issuing forth from that office, but I am not one of them.  The few points of agreement conservatives may have with Barack Obama pale in comparison to the gulf between us.   While I am happy the President has a nice, strong family, that fact has absolutely no bearing or relevance to the State of the Union or the level of contempt in which I hold his form of politics and the philosophy that supports it.  Presidents may seek to find the “sunny side of our national condition,” but if there isn’t one, I see no point in attempting to placate the media by lying supinely before him.

It is true that President Obama did not cause the economic crisis, and it is likewise true that he has deepened it, but while we’re talking about fiscal crises, I see no reason we should take advice on the matter from his predecessor’s OMB Director who made a wreck of our fiscal condition that has led ultimately to the election of Obama.  Obama isn’t trying to fix anything, and he is intentionally making matters worse, so to dismiss his programs as evidence of mere incompetence, while they really signify malice is to continue to lie to the American people.  As Americans sit idle in the gargantuan numbers you cite, Governor Daniels, you might wish to consider how they will be assisted by pretending to them that the President isn’t making things worse by strategic calculation.

It is true that Barack Obama’s spending has been unprecedented, and it is likewise true that he is racking up the largest deficits in history, but is also true that your former boss, President George W. Bush, along with your guiding hand, also accumulated what were inexcusably large deficits, particularly in 2004 and 2008.  Let us not mislead the voters either, because when your budgets ballooned, you offered nothing but excuses.

The President is certainly engaged in trickle-down something, but it’s not just government.  It’s also trickle-down poverty.  He only seems sincere in his belief that creating government jobs will build a middle class to those who are too naive to see the painfully obvious:  Mr. Obama believes in spreading the wealth, but also the misery, and for you to believe he doesn’t know exactly what  he’s doing is to pretend that Barack Obama is mortally ignorant of all history, but there is no evidence to support that claim.

I will not use the language of the left, as you have, to speak about “haves and have-nots,” or even “soon-to-haves,” because until we restrain the growth of this government, the only thing we’re “soon-to-have” is hyperinflation, economic collapse, and violent, naked, starving riots in our streets.  We are not a short way behind Greece and Spain, but actually ahead of them, because due to policies like TARP, that you supported, and other re-distributions of American wealth carried out by this and former Presidents, we now find our currency and our own fiscal health tied to their debts and fiscal irresponsibility, as well as their monetary instability.

Only an out-of-touch moderate Republican could view 2012 as an “opportunity,” rather than an exigency, because the words “maybe our last,” are intended to conceal that there will be no “maybe” about it.  We shall either change course, or watch our country wither and die.  You speak of credible and positive plans, but the truth is that all you have offered is more platitudes about “making life better.”  I’ve got news for you, Governor Daniels:  I don’t need you to make my life better, except perhaps by your going away, and taking all of your mealy-mouthed, tepid rhetoric with you.  I will make my life better, by my own efforts and labor if you will get Barack Obama and his toadies in the United States Senate out of my way.  Republicans have no duty to make our lives better, except by withdrawing government’s grip from our wallets and our liberties.  Anything else is merely a poor imitation of the same disease from which we now suffer.

It is true that business is one of humanity’s noblest pursuits, but you cannot advance that idea by offering excuses to justify it, like “if you make a profit, you’ll have something left to hire someone else, and some to donate to the good causes we love.”  Here, you fall into the statists’ trap of the ages, one that has ever been the tormenting dishonesty of statists, who pretend that the first duty of any person, having obtained a profit from honest work, must forfeit some, most, or all of it to other “causes” and in the purpose of enriching others.  To apologize for success in this manner is only to invite predation upon it. Do not permit our best ideas and the virtues they beget to languish in the verbiage of the left.

You are correct to note that Obama’s is a pro-poverty policy, but once more, you go on to say that the private sector jobs birthed of a pro-growth policy will “restore opportunity,” but will also “generate the public revenues to pay our bills.”  Pay whose bills?  Sir, I make no public debts.  I ask none to pay my bills, and I can assure you none do, but me.  Of whose bills do you speak?

You suggest “a pause” in regulation, but I must ask you: “Why only a pause, and not a cessation?”  You speak of “new domestic energy technologies,” but you do not describe them.  Of what do they consist, and what does this have to do with the operation of government, except as another customer?  By your own words, you suggest the market as the great healer of our wounds, but when the matter comes to its end, here you are discussing what the government may do.  Energy technology is not the government’s concern, and the sooner the government withdraws from that market, the sooner we will have more energy, and at less expense.

You describe our need to “save the safety net.”  For my part, I wish only to be saved from it, or more properly, for paying for it.  You speak of Social Security and Medicare as an obvious play to seniors, but I must ask you about the hundreds of other “Safety net” programs, large and small, and what you will do with these.  Being the former Director of the OMB, you should be well aware that this safety net now consumes more than 60% of all government expenditures.  What you say you would save, most people I know would scrap, and while my social grouping may not be entirely representative, it is nevertheless true that I am of the group that pays, but who also knows there will be no compensation.  You now propose making of Social Security a welfare program, because you would deny payment of those benefits to people you adjudge as “rich,” but the fundamental truth this argument ignores is that those who are “rich” have paid into the system too, and until you flatly convert Social Security into an overt welfare program, you’re being dishonest in making the rich pay for it, while calling it a “retirement.”  Your plan sounds strangely like the President’s, and just as it is immoral when uttered by a leftist president, so too is it immoral when uttered by a corporatist governor.

I do not claim that we should do nothing with Social Security.  I assert that we must end it, and return the question of retirement, and the provisioning of one’s golden years to those who will live them.  I am a man of just more than 46 years, and I will make this deal, but neither you nor any politician will accept it: I will waive all claims to Social Security, from now until the end of my days, and not even ask for one dime of my previous contributions be returned to me as an act of “public benevolence” on my part, if you and the other politicians will merely agree to stop collecting payroll taxes from me, that I may invest them on my own behalf.  That’s more than thirty years of “contributions” I will happily waive, if you will merely take no more for the remainder of my life.

You are correct that only the Republicans in Congress have taken any steps to curtail the accumulation of debt, but the problem is that even they have done too little, and they have been far too willing to go along for the sake of political expedience.  You speak in haughty terms about unity, but the divide in our country is real, and exists with those of us who earn and pay and get neither payments nor special considerations standing on one side, while you and Obama and all those who insist on this welfare state stand upon the other.

Nobody I know believes Americans “can’t cut it” any longer.  Americans are out here cutting it, every day, but there are many people in our country who haven’t the philosophy of America in their hearts and minds, and it is they who do not “cut it,” and have no intentions of doing so, since somebody else is “cutting it” on their behalf.  No sir, what doesn’t “cut it” any longer is this government, with its rampant statists and their tepid collaborators who have gotten us into this mess.  Welcome to the world you prescribe.  This is the world you have helped to build, as policies like those you advocate  have dominated the last twenty-four years of our nation’s government.

You end your remarks by suggesting that we are “still a people born to liberty,” but I must ask you “what liberty” as Governors of your ilk appoint State judges who rule that protecting one’s home even against wayward police is illegal, but the erroneous actions of the wayward police were not.  There’s our liberty, while you appoint judges who will not safeguard it.  While the elites in the Republican party speak in flowery terms about liberty and prosperity, those of us who would enjoy the one while earning the other are losing both, and it is in no small part because the brand of half-hearted defense of the country you offer has resulted in a presumably unintended bit of assistance to those who would undo our Constitution.

There are those who think you would make a fine President, and I will state to the knowing of the world that I am not among their number.  I don’t want your brand of half-property, half-loot with the attending part liberty, part tyranny.  It’s little better than the full-bore expropriation and despotism the open statists desire, and it leads us in their inevitably in their direction.  They are only too happy to take one step back for every two steps forward, because they still gain one step. What you prescribe is a delaying action, and a wilting retreat.

Yours is the same weak-kneed philosophy that urged the removal of a line from a speech Ronald Reagan was set to deliver, for fear it would be too provocative, but what we have learned in all the years since is that when standing before the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin, President Reagan’s simple words in the name of decency, honesty, and justice enabled a generation to understand and demand their liberty, it punctuated the lunacy of the proposal by those of your orientation who thought he should not, and must not say these words:

“General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” 

Governor Daniels, I do not now know what my fellow man will think, but I believe we need a president who has the integrity and wisdom to utter similar words about the state of our country.  Dry, cold assurances that Republicans would not upset the apple-cart of Washington DC too much is simply unacceptable, and what you must know is that while yours is the philosophy of moderation and contrived unity, let me assure you that the American people who have borne these burdens are no longer of a mind to shoulder still more that you would maintain your centrist appeal.  It is time that you tear down a wall, and its name is appeasement, and it is the great obstacle that stands between America and its future.  We can rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Obama, but we will not do so if you or those of your political persuasion are the ones who will lead it.  We now need leaders who will plainly say that Obama is wrong, and more, that he is willfully so.  We need leaders who will say this truth without respect to which media pundit might take offense.  You are not apparently that leader, as your response has demonstrated, and so I say to you:  Go home to Indiana, and do what you can for your state, and prepare its people for the disaster awaiting us if we do no better than to discharge Obama and adopt your pastel-painted positions.  Learn to speak the words of justice and truth without fear before you make frivolous use of our time once again.

I Told You He Would Lie

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I’ll admit that it wasn’t a prediction fitting of Nostradamus, but only because if you’ve spent any time observing Barack Obama, you knew before he uttered his first syllable that much of what he would say would be lies.  The simple truth is that he can’t run on his record, apart from giving the go-order to take out Osama bin Laden, but then again, as others have pointed out, 99.9% of Americans wouldn’t have hesitated either. Nevertheless, the Associated Press has their fact-check of President Obama’s speech, and it’s littered with inaccuracies, but I don’t think AP catches everything.  After all, there is something disgusting about this Marxist president quoting Lincoln on government only doing that which its people can’t do better for themselves. The problem is, Barack Obama doesn’t believe there is anything that the people can do better for themselves.

You know all too well that some of the biggest lies are those made by omission, and Obama’s failure to discuss frankly the state of our economy is illustrative of that fact. In prattling on for sixty-five minutes about his 2012 wish-list, but failing to present any real agenda, he made only vague references to the state of the economy, and he spent no time explaining details.  What was supposed to be a non-political speech turned out to be nothing else but a political diatribe.   Time to go home, Mr. Obama.

Mark America’s State of the Union Address

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, will deliver to you an address on the state of the Union. Let me proclaim to the knowing of the world that our President is a liar.  You need not listen to his lies, because while he would pollute your minds with more propaganda, as has been his habit, and to counter him, I will now tell you the unvarnished truth, and not merely about the condition of our country, but the condition of the government that is running it into the ground.  President Obama will offer you a fantastic stage-show, during which members of Congress will be encouraged to applaud, but you should know that what you are seeing is a spectacle intended to blind you.

The economy of the United States is in shambles.  Despite the best attempts of your government to obscure the truth, the economy is weak and weakening.  Unemployment is far worse than their official statistics are rigged to report. Your banking system has been ravaged and your treasury has been raped.  Programs and other expenditures that you were told would be only a “temporary stimulus” have been maintained in law through subsequent years, and the expenditures continue unabated.  Small businesses now create fewer jobs, and the same is true of corporations, but only one sort of institution creates more jobs, and it is government; you and your children and their children will be held for all times to pay for them.

The financial state of the country is far worse than they will admit.  In the short three years of his presidency, the purchasing power of your dollar has fallen by more than twenty percent.  No lie that he will tell this night could possibly replace in your pocket all the value he has stolen from you and your family.  When you view the policies in total, what you must recognize is that he is committing a grotesque theft, as he robs us not only of wealth and prosperity, but also our precious freedoms.  The Federal government now consumes twenty-five percent of our total production, and this does not include the value they are stealing by virtue of the Federal Reserve system.

Worst of all, on this front, our Treasury has undertaken a policy by which European derivative risks are shifted into coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, ensuring that when the Euro currency goes under, we will accompany them over that cliff.

In the so-called reform of health-care, he has managed to rig the methods by which he will ultimately steal your lives.  Not merely your momentary well-being, but indeed your actual existence.  This President has decided that if you’re old, you should die, and if you’re sick, you should get minimal treatment, as he explained to one lady that “grandma might have to take a pill.”

In education, he is using every leverage of the federal bureaucracy to politicize the schools and propagandize your children.  In the military, he is sheering away whole divisions of the Army and canceling those necessary expenditures that help our men and women survive and obtain victory on the battlefields to which they are sent.

Considering all of these, you might believe that if you merely asked the question, “Are you better off now than [three] years ago,” you might conclude that no person in his or her right mind would ever vote to re-elect this destroyer.  You would believe that while he carries on all of this, nobody could endorse it and ask for four more years of this, but I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.

The disgusting truth of the matter is that not everybody sees Barack Obama as do you.  You who are reading this are likely literate, engaged, and intelligent, and thoroughly concerned about the future of your family, and indeed your communities and the country as a whole.  You might believe that since you see this, and since everybody you know sees this, it must be self-evident to all.  This is not the case, because not everybody in the country is worse-off than three years ago.  Many are remarkably better-off.

Barack Obama has set out on a course to rob you, but you should ask what has become of the proceeds of this massive, unceasing theft. He has through one form or another diverted the funds to those who will vote for him in November of 2012.  He has seen to it that the unions are the primary beneficiary of all of those continuing “temporary stimulus” dollars.  The dependents who have lived long on the welfare state have found themselves the recipients of new bonuses, and their ranks have swelled.  Even now, he is formulating a plan to pay mortgages for some qualifying individuals, in order to buy even more votes than before. He has taken over the student loans programs so that he can control when the demands for repayment will be enforced, so while the debtors may skate along without scrupulously repaying their loans for the moment, this temporary relief will end once he secures a second term.

He is plotting at every level to purchase votes by any means necessary. He has used power the constitution does not grant to him in order to carry out these schemes, and tonight he will tell you that he will rule almost without reference to Congress.  Ladies and gentlemen, your President is well on his way to becoming a tyrant, and as he postures as a benevolent dictator, and will purportedly tell you the state of the Union, he is instead going to deliver yet another Utopian lie.

Do not take false comfort from the mistaken belief that ridding our country of this villain will be easy.  It will not.  If you want to save this nation, it would be best to make tonight’s State of the Union address Barack Obama’s very last.  Our country will not survive another four years of his malevolent maladministration.  The game is rigged, but only one thing will stop him from winning: You, the American people, loyal patriots and friends, must stand up to oppose him.  You must repel their efforts, from now until the election, but if he prevails, we will be in truly desperate straits.  Our country is on the precipice, and it will not survive a tepid opposition.  We must defeat Barack Obama, and we must pour all our efforts into electing somebody who will replace him and reverse his un-American plans.  We must capture the Senate, and we must strengthen the majority in the House. This we must do because the only alternative will be disaster.  America will die, and with it, freedom for men on Earth.

Do not trust to hope.  Do not expect him to change.  Defeat him. It’s your last chance, and there will not be another before many generations pass into an ever-shrinking post-American history.