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Enjoy the Cake With Your Circus

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Got Cake?

Are you enjoying the ball-game?  When is it over?  I ask because it’s being televised on a broadcast newtwork(I think NBC) and I don’t get any of those.  Truth be told, even if I did receive the signal, I wouldn’t be watching.  The reason is simple:  While most of the country falls into this annual coma, or any of the other things with which we pollute our senses, our country is collapsing.  Sure, they will offer you the sweet embrace of some rigged statistics to put your mind at ease, but for most of us, the wallet is telling a different tale.  As you watch the game and pour out your frustrations, or eat and drink them, Iran is planning to ruin your next Super Sunday in advance.  The Euro, and the dollar with it, is on the verge of collapse.  Your President plots against you, but then so does the establishment of “loyal opposition.”  I long for the day when Americans wake up, but apart from a fairly narrow group, most Americans couldn’t care less as they watch somebody or other carrying a football across some line on fake grass.

Yes, I know, it’s a “necessary release” or some other term in rationalization our culture stamps upon this event, but while you may think me a party-crasher, I think it’s entirely appropriate to crash a party that seems out of place. Will you feel fulfilled in two hours or more empty?  Will your life be improved or unchanged?  I’m trying to understand the fixation on an event that barely concerns most of the residents of the two areas from which the teams come, never mind the rest of the country.  What does it get you?  Why do you care?  What does it promise you?  Excitement?  Thrills?  The “agony of defeat?”  In truth, I’m not sure quite when it happened, but at some point in my life all of this lost its allure.  Is it merely the distraction?  If the shoes are too tight, do you put on earrings to pinch and take your mind off the discomfort of your feet?

I must admit “not getting it,” and I suppose that’s my own affair, but I worry about a country that can place such attention on a thing about which most of the viewers won’t care tomorrow, and didn’t care yesterday. I know there are those of you who will suggest that I’m just a stick-in-the-mud, and that I’m “out of  touch” with American culture.  If this is what American culture has become, thank you, but please leave me out of it.

One can wonder, however, what will happen if the Iranians get their way and return us to a virtual stone age with some sort of electromagnetic pulse(EMP.)  What will you do next year to take your mind off the disconnected world in which you will then live?  Swat flies?

Never mind me. Enjoy your game.