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Sarah Palin: I Voted for Newt

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

On Super Tuesday, Fox News talked to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  She was asked who she voted for in the GOP Primary in Alaska, and she was blunt: She voted for Newt Gingrich.  She explained her thinking, and she explained why she thought the Republican primary contest should go on.  She also referenced the behavior of the media, and its focus on other irrelevant issues, or distractions.  She pointed to the focus Newt Gingrich has placed on the energy question, and she made it clear that Barack Obama must be replaced if we are going to turn this country around.

Here’s the video:


Super Tuesday Round-up

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Bigg Winner?

The key to Tuesday’s primary elections was Ohio.  RINO  Romney was the winner as he squeaked by Santorum by virtue of the urban vote.  Of  course, Ohio isn’t everything, but RINO Romney also wrapped up Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia.  Gingrich captured Georgia, and Santorum won in Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Tennessee.   Some are saying this means it is all but over, but the way to look at this is not what the media will tell you, but what you should be able to discern is what the media is doing its best to disguise.

Consider the following:

  • Romney won in Virginia with only one opponent – Ron Paul – and by less than a 20% margin.
  • Romney won in Vermont, a state that elected Bernie Sanders, a pure socialist.
  • Romney won in Massachusetts, another deep blue state, that he calls home, and in which he was governor.
  • Romney won in Idaho where Mormons make up a goodly proportion of the electorate.
  • Romney won in Alaska with the support of Murkowski.
  • Romney won in Ohio by a slim margin that will mean that if Santorum had simply been eligible for more of the delegates, it would have been a tie for all intents and purposes.

What this should tell you is what has been apparent all along:  Romney can win the Republican primaries in blue states because they are blue states, but in Southern states, he’s mostly a no-go, and in the Midwest, it’s a toss-up.  Let me explain how this helps translate to a Romney victory in a general election against Barack Obama:

It doesn’t.

Mitt Romney can squeak by against a divided conservative vote, and in the South, he’s in trouble, but he hopes it won’t matter since once he’s the nominee, the Republicans there will support him.  Don’t count on it. He may lose several close races simply because too much of the base sees no qualitative difference between he and Barack Obama.

I also noticed during the coverage that Fox and some of its commentators couldn’t let the analysis of Ohio pass without mentioning that the rural counties were poorly educated by comparison to the counties that went for RINO Romney.  That’s right, you folks outside the urban and suburban counties are just hicks and rubes who are too stupid to vote for Mitt, at least according to some Fox analysts.

Here’s the matter in a nut-shell.  When this nomination fight is over, if it goes more or less like it has, with Santorum and Gingrich battling for the Southern states, and Romney and Santorum battling in the Midwest, with Romney romping in deep blue or purple states, Romney will get the nomination.  However, as soon as he faces Barack Obama, he will lose all of those blue and purple states, and some of the traditionally red Midwest states will go purple, and maybe one or more of the Southern red states as well.

This translates into a Romney loss to Obama roughly equal to McCain’s. Romney will carry the same states, give or take a couple, that John McCain captured in 2008.  That’s the truth of it.  I think the GOP establishment knows it too, which is why they’re supporting Romney.  He’s their favorite alternative to Obama, should the President fumble, but I believe the GOP establishment wants four more years of Obama, and I believe they’re well on their way to successfully engineering that outcome.

Too many conservatives are telling me they will not support Romney in November, choosing instead to sit it out.  They just don’t see why they should bother.  They look at Romney and see another John McCain, but without even the benefit of Sarah Palin to back him up.  There’s a certain sense of fatalism among many conservatives, and I can’t blame them.  Let it never be said that the GOP establishment hadn’t been warned, but then again, maybe it’s what they want.