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Flash: TSA Detains Rand Paul at Airport in Nashville

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

What the ???

I believe this is one more reason we need to seriously consider sun-setting the TSA in its current form, if not altogether.  Sure, we absolutely need security on the airlines and in the airports, but I think TSA has begun to get out of hand.  Monday morning, TSA detained US Senator Rand Paul(R-KY,)  after he refused a pat-down when the full body scanner revealed an “anomaly.”  Upon hearing this, one friend remarked, “Yes, they were probably shocked to see a politician with a pair.”  Jokes aside, the situation is typical of what travelers face daily as they contend with full-body scanners and pat-downs, and long lines. There’s nothing wrong with making our airlines secure, but are we to believe detaining somebody’s grandmother or a US Senator is actually helping the situation?

When President George W. Bush signed into law the bill that created the TSA in the aftermath of 9/11, it was an understandable but still wrong-headed response to the situation.  Too many security audits have shown that the TSA really provides no substantial improvement over the security that had been in place prior to 9/11, but what the TSA has accomplished is to make travel more difficult and frustrating.  I think it’s time to revisit all of this, and consider the reasons why we believe we need this new federal bureaucracy.  This case merely points out how self-defeating this approach has been.