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Obama Offers More Support For Protesters

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Something Going On Here

For those of you who think this President isn’t in league with the Occu-Pests, I’ve got news:  This whole thing is a ginned-up movement aimed at under-mining the country and foisting an autocratic regime on the American people.  Yes, I know, it reads like tin-foil hat talk, and to be honest, if we weren’t seeing it, I wouldn’t believe it had been possible.  Taking advantage of the dedication of the new Martin Luther King Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC, President Barack Obama said “Dr. King would want us to challenged the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing those who work there.”  If it seems a bit obnoxious that Mr. Obama would use the occasion to speaks to his minions on Wall Street, don’t be surprised any longer.

The coming year is going to be the story of Obama’s campaign and his deployment of useful idiots. This is merely the first wave.  One might also wonder about the blatant hypocrisy of his talk, but let’s be honest.  When this guy implies that the Wall Street Occu-Pests shouldn’t demonize, it’s against the backdrop of his own party’s demonizing of the Tea Party.  Barack Obama has been the Demonizer-in-Chief.  This caution against demonizing comes from the same guy whose entire cabinet as well as his Vice President, along with his party’s leadership in Congress all run around shoving their faces in front of any available camera to tell the world that the Tea Party is “racist” and “terrorist”?  The Financial Times is reporting that Obama strategist David Axelrod said the rallies show Americans want “a financial system that works.”  I don’t know which Americans the Financial Times is suggesting, because virtually every American I know thinks this is all a shell game.  Apparently, to the Financial Times, the Occu-pests are representative of the American people?

Let’s be honest, ladies and gentlemen:  This man isn’t credible, and those who would like to pretend otherwise are simply koolaid-drinkers for his agenda. For the President or Axelrod to pretend that the Occu-Pests are anything like the Tea Party is a fraud.  To pretend that the Tea Party is “terrorist” or “racist” is a fraud.  To pretend that Obama and crew don’t have anything at all to do with these protests is a stunning attempt at outright deception.  I can only hope the American people are paying enough attention to this to avoid the media’s treachery.  Let’s just say it like it is: Barack Obama is using these people, for now as a prop in his campaign for the phony jobs bill, but ultimately for any other purpose he may dream up. It’s disgusting.


Rep. Linda Sanchez(D-CA) Attacks Tea Party

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Tea Party Unpatriotic?

I find it astonishing that this woman is in office, and stays there.  Now she’s joined the attacks on the Tea Party.  She says the Tea Party folk “are not patriots.”  She also said “they don’t love this country.”  People should be stunned.  This is an attempt to create a false equivalency between the Tea Party and the Occu-pests. It’s also an attempt to pretend that all Republicans are Tea Party.  Her gripe of the day was over the so-called “Jobs Bill,” and its failure in the Senate.  Her rant occurred on the Ed Schultz radio program on Wednesday, and it’s illustrative of just how desperate these people have become.  As difficult as it is to imagine, the things this Democrat representative from California said are typical of the sort of hatred being spewed in the endless war against the Tea Party.

It’s time for the American people to begin refuting all of this.  You Tea Party patriots should be working overtime to replace this disgusting woman in 2012.  I know it’s tough, but your choice is to continue having this monstrosity spewing her venom.  As ever, the ridiculous and trashy Ed Schultz is only too happy to goad her into even more asinine statements.  H/T to TheBlaze for the video:


Occupying Wall Street: The Left’s Tea Party Imitation

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Exactly Backwards

The left has nothing.  It’s true.  The “Occupying Wall Street” crowd is fake.  Yes, they’re real people.  Yes, there are a few of them. Even if their numbers were multiplied by a factor of ten, they wouldn’t amount to one-tenth of one percent of the population of eligible voters in 2012.  In truth, one good rain storm combined with a cold snap would send them home.  Most of them wouldn’t stand shivering in the rain for anything.   We know who they are, who is funding them, and who is inciting them.  We know their purpose and their intentions.  Unlike the Tea Party, these people really are terrorists.  They are here to imitate the Tea Party as a political pressure group, but they have neither the principled underpinnings nor the intellectual honesty to be like the Tea Party except in the most superficial sense.

They exist not to drive an agenda, but to act as the excuse for which an agenda will be followed.  These are the mindless zombies constituting the Army for the Obama-Soros war on America.

If you want to know how completely fake this “Occupying Wall Street” movement really is, consider the idiotic list of demands they’ve introduced. To consider the sheer, juvenile lunacy of their demands is to realize and understand that these people do not represent anything remotely intellectual, or even vaguely genuine, but instead the mind-numbed absence of thought expressed by the zombies.  It’s not that they all have room-temperature IQs, but that they are behaving precisely like megaphones attached to robots with the microphone in the hands of Soros’ band of directors and board members.  Everything they say in their chants is an expression in the most mindless form of the demands of their masters.  There is not an original thought among them.

More, you can consider the desperation with which the left is comparing this aimless mob of ne’er-do-wells to the Tea Party.   They want to paint this “movement” as sharing several characteristics: They tell us this is “grass roots” and spontaneous, they tell us this has real, principled underpinnings, and more, that it has real influence based upon politicians’ concerns on the basis of the demands of the protesters.  This last is a particular fraud, since it is the leftist establishment that is determining and orchestrating the course of the protests and the spouting of the protesters.  Let’s not pretend that these people have cobbled this together.  We already know that Adbusters is behind this, and even Andrew Sullivan thinks they’re a joke.

Now you might wonder why we should care to consider a hoax like Occupy Wall Street to be a threat worthy of our concern, but what you must come to understand is that the threat comes not from this army of hapless, moronic refugees from their parents’ basements, but from the people who will use them as an excuse, the casus belli for an impending war against the American people.  Let’s face reality:  Barack Obama is in serious electoral trouble.  George Soros owns key people in and around this administration in a thoroughness of penetration that is unprecedented.  J. Edgar Hoover’s infiltration of various organizations to include the government have nothing on Soros’ far-reaching and indecent ties with the U.S. Federal government.  He is in a position to be able to carry out a bloodless coup d’etats against our constitutional form of government.  These idiots camped out on Wall Street are intended to provide the trigger.

If you’re not the least bit worried, you should be.  Watch what the leftist politicians say and do in response.  They’re attempting to set this up as an excuse in the first instance to further their legislative agenda(Pass it NOW!) and in the second instance to take more tyrannical steps if the left feels it is necessary to maintain power.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum actually expressed sympathies with the protesters.  In that moment, he permanently disqualified himself from any elected office for his willingness to shamelessly pander to this mob.  Herman Cain, by contrast, managed to get it right when in  describing the protesters as anti-capitalist, and explaining where the blame really belongs.  We need to adopt a position of resistance, not simply to these protesters, but to their masters in Washington and elsewhere.  Nancy Pelosi actually said “God bless them…”

Perhaps you’ve noticed what I have realized:  When the Tea Party marched on Washington in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps topping a million, Barack Obama left town and pretended they’d never existed.  Now, with these thugs camping on Pennsylvania Avenue just a short walk from the White House, Barack Obama isn’t going anywhere.  Do you wonder why?  These are his people, there to support his agenda, and not the reverse as it’s being portrayed.  This is a set-up, pure and simple, and you should be letting your representatives in Congress know that you aren’t fooled, and they shouldn’t be cajoled into sympathy with or fear of this bunch.  Politicians pander to any group, and Santorum is the proof.  It’s time for them to stand up to thugs and the villains who direct them.

The Radical Left Moves Against America

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Creating the Excuse

The radicals who are pushing the “Days of Rage” and “Occupy Wall Street” protests are blossoming in other venues.  Most of them fit the definition of “useful idiots,” but they’re too ignorant a lot to even recognize that they’re being used.  This whole movement is an astro-turf operation being put on by the socialist and communist front in this country.  Their leadership has seen the hand-writing on the wall, as the vast bulk of the country is unhappy with the Marxist reflexes of President Obama.  What they’re attempting now is to complete the revolution, and with each passing day, the situation grows more dangerous.  Whether this is a dry run, or the main event is impossible to determine, but one thing is becoming more abundantly obvious:  These protests are not nearly so dangerous as the ideology that now drives and propels the protesters in their rage against capitalism.

In my youth, the so-called Cold War was the focus of the struggle between liberty and statism.  When the Cold War ended, the communist elements in this country came out of the woodwork and began to push their notions safely in public.  Most people viewed them as impotent kooks, but their basic ideas are attractive to some, fundamentally flawed though they may be.  Examined closely, what you discover is that their ideas are a collection of platitudes, but they do not answer any of the fundamental questions confronting humanity, except in one sense:  What the pleasantries of their ideology leaves hanging in ambiguity is the method by which they are to achieve their utopia, and the answer is always the same: Brutal, naked force and coercion.

In the first instance, it is common for people confused about philosophy and politics to fall into the trap of believing that all systems rely upon coercion and force.  This is only true when considered in the most superficial manner, but upon closer examination, a stark truth is revealed:  Freedom and tyranny apply violence or its threat under very different situations.  In a system based upon liberty, violence may be used only as a response to some form of aggression.  In any form of statism, violence and its perpetual threat become the sole means of maintaining order.

In liberty, it is assumed that all people have certain unalienable rights that are a precondition of their existence.  These are generically  the rights to life, liberty, property, and volition.  In any system of liberty, it is assumed that these are the requisites of a successful life.  The only way in which they are yielded is by one’s own choices.  To murder or steal are to violate the rights of others, and these are methods by which to yield one’s rights.  Living one’s life by one’s efforts and at one’s own expense, while avoiding the violation of the rights of others should bring no negative consequences from society.  Such a system can flourish with minimal government provided its people are of a character to abide by these rules.  Only the system of capitalism meets the needs of liberty.

In any form of statism, it is supposed that men have no unalienable rights, and that the interests of individuals are always superseded by the state.  There is no presumption of even the right to life or property, and both are subject to immediate disposal by the state.  In this way, in any such system, people are perpetually subject to the arbitrary whims of the will of the state, an invisible, indefinite monster with no limits of any kind.  This sort of system appeals to the immoral because it forces them to be good according to some standard they are willing to accept because it suits them, and it suits them so well only because they suspect initially that they will never be the subject of its demands.

Infamous celebrity and potential tyrant, Roseanne Barr recently stated that a limit on wages of one-hundred million dollars ought to be the standard, and any who wouldn’t yield their wealth beyond that amount ought to be beheaded.  Notice that she’s a good deal wealthier than most of us, but she doesn’t imagine ever attaining one-hundred million in wealth, so she’s willing to set the bar somewhere safely out of reach above herself.  Unfortunately for her, what she doesn’t realize is that somebody lower than she on this  economic ladder will naturally suggest that one million dollars is sufficient, and that she too must be subject to beheading.  That person may be beheaded by yet another person who says one-hundred thousand is enough, and so on, until you get all the way down to the person who suggests that any who have anything ought to be subject to this punishment for “excessive wealth.”

Statism is an official, government-compelled race to the bottom, with coercion and violence as its sole methodology.  The protesters now rising in demonstration in New York, and in Boston, and elsewhere around the country understand this quite well.  Their presence isn’t aimed at any peaceful purpose, but instead to state their threats by sheer volume.  They don’t even realize that they are to be used as fodder when things get out of hand.  When the real violence begins, those who led them will slip out of the way, and avoid culpability and consequence leaving their dirty work to the mindless mob that believes in the tyranny of the mob.  This has been the great object of everything Barack Obama has undertaken as President, and his economic policy is designed to create this environment. In order to become the greater tyrant he intends to become, he is waiting for a signal, and it’s already starting: “Make it stop.”

This is their goal. They wish to push the American people to make that appeal to government.  If violence begins in earnest, the calls for the federal government to step in will escalate.  This is the excuse for which Obama now waits.  Many among us now watch and wonder, believing this cannot go so far as to set aside all we had known in our America.  It’s your job to tell them, you who had known better, that the purpose of this spectacle is to steal their rights and all the liberty they had known.  It’s time for some frank talk with our friends, family, and neighbors.  It’s time to switch off the football game long enough to make this clear to people who haven’t been paying  sufficient attention, lest they be drawn in too.  It won’t take much to push us over the edge now, and if we are to prevent it, we must prepare them for what is coming, to save their lives along with our own.  Yes, it has become as important as that.  Yes, it’s time to talk with those around you, and while it may be uncomfortable at first, you may also be surprised at how well they understand.  The defense of the Republic should begin belatedly now, and it must begin with you.

Putting Us Over a Barrel…of Oil

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

America to Capitulate?

In a story that will in one manner or another have a terrible potential cost to the US, President Obama’s naive foreign policy is leading us to another potential disaster.  We are being offered a choice in not-so-veiled terms by our Saudi allies in the Middle East: Veto the Palestinean State in support of Israel, and potentially lose an ally, or withhold that veto and promote our alliance with Saudi Arabia while effectively abandoning Israel.  What all of this is doing is to set the stage to excuse Obama for withholding the veto in the name of our oil purchases from the Kingdom.  This gives the “blood-for-oil” narrative of the left a whole new meaning.  The question is this, since Obama is no friend either to Israel or to the American people:  Which does he care about less? The security of the people of Israel, or the energy consumers in this country?

There are two important things to be taken from this story, and they are that the dependence of the United States on so much foreign oil subjects us to this sort of economic blackmail, and that we have an administration which has led us to this position either by design or through wretched incompetence.

The Obama administration has done a great deal of long-term damage to the ability of oil producers in the US to develop new oil resources here.  Its reliance on “green energy” programs has left us in a condition in which we have put far too much good money in pursuit of an ineffective technology, seemingly for the sake of crony-capitalist motives, while acting to destroy our ability to power our own nation.  Coal-fired power plants are being shut down on the basis of almost entirely phony environmental concerns, no nuclear plants are being built due to the catastrophe at Fukashima, Japan, and our own oil and gas resources are being left untapped in the Earth, once again due to environmental regulations that make it impossible or nearly so to reclaim those assets from our own ground.  Meanwhile, foolish ventures like wind-farms, where people like T. Boone Pickens has lost billions thus far, are subsidized by tax-payers.  Solar energy companies like Solyndra are bankrolled, and what we have at the end of it all is a more indebted, less secure, less energy-independent nation. This makes us ripe for whatever the thugs and tyrants in the Middle East or Central America may wish to do to us with respect to the oil supply.

At the same time, Barack Obama and his team of foreign policy amateurs continue to place us in a dangerous position with respect to the Middle Eastern nations that supply a healthy proportion of the oil we consume daily.  Israel is now the trunnion around which all of our concerns must turn, because they are now the only ally we have in the region, and we’ve been put into a devil of a position.  The Obama administration’s role in fomenting the “Arab Spring” is still being documented, but it seems certain there was a role, and it was not insignificant.  This alleged democracy movement seems now destined to further radicalize a region already volatile.  Now, we have the Saudi Ambassador, Prince Turki al-Faisal, warning us that we must choose between a Saudi ally and Israeli security.  In an article titled: “Veto a State, Lose an Ally,” he writes, in part:

“The ‘special relationship’ between Saudi Arabia and the United States would increasingly be seen as toxic by the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims, who demand justice for the Palestinian people…”

This is the nature of our predicament.  Too many years of ignoring our reliance on oil from OPEC members in the Middle East has left us in the position that we must now seemingly choose between a threat of having the energy rug pulled from beneath our feet, or abandoning Israeli security.  This amounts to a threat of war, and we are now being left to choose between supporting Israel or paying higher oil prices.  It is small wonder that OPEC has spent lobbying dollars in Washington to purchase the opposition to production of our own resources.  Dependent upon them as we now are, they can effectively force our hand in this matter.  At this late date, even if the Obama administration would be willing to cast aside all regulations, there is no way in which we can increase our available resources sufficiently to be independent of Middle Eastern oil.  In short, we’re now over a barrel in a way that seems to have been designed to ruin us.

We can all hope this is somehow delayed until we’ve had a chance for another election, to get a President and Congress willing to address our critical position, but the rapid advance of these events seems designed to make this choice too late.  We stand upon a precipice, and Barack Obama and his crew of “intellects” at the State Department are clearly making things worse.  They are intentionally offering us the choice between a crippling economic collapse and deprivation of energy that will spawn it, and the existence of our good friend and ally Israel.  What you are being offered is little different from the deal brokered by Neville Chamberlain with Hitler in his day, except that rather than abandoning the Sudetenland, this time, we’ll be abandoning the cradle of Western civilization.  The other difference is only that whereas Chamberlain’s proposition seemed to have been born of a rigid naivete, what we’re now facing from Obama’s foreign policy seems to have been designed to achieve this crippling end. While all of this goes on overseas, we now see the rise of the “Days of Rage” here at home by forces of the left.  Our nation’s over a barrel, and our enemies at home and abroad are savoring it.

Obama Administration Forsaking Israel?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Whose Side Is He On?

In what can only be considered an attempt to pressure Israel into an untenable situation, the Obama Administration is using the upcoming UN question as the means by which to pressure Israel to capitulate on territorial issues in negotiations with the Palestineans.  For all intents and purposes, the State Department is using the stick of an upcoming UN vote on Palestinean statehood to try to crowd Israel into further concessions.  We have already learned that there can be no peace to be gained from trading away territory, and Israel has paid a terrible price for past concessions in that vein, but now we’re looking at a direct threat to Israel’s existence.

The US State Department attempting to box Israel into accepting conditions it cannot survive in exchange for the US veto at the UN.  Make no mistake about it: This is a dangerous game of chicken, but if Israel yields, they’re as good as dead.  On the other hand, if they don’t yield, we’re looking at a potentially explosive situation, and the Obama administration is gambling that Israel will surrender the point to its own detriment.  I believe we Americans who understand the truth of this situation need to stand with Israel, in the name of all that is good and decent and let the Israeli government know that we understand a rogue element is now running a US foreign policy we, the American people, do not support.

Israel has a hard enough time under the best of conditions, but in this stage-managed “Arab Spring” fomented and supported by the Obama State Department, it’s clear that leftists and Islamists have joined forces to change the world in a way favorable to both.  The leftists want all of the West, and the Islamists want all of the Middle East.  The deal struck between them requires Israel’s destruction, with the world to be divided between four great empires: The West, Islam, Russia, and China.  Everybody else is to be squeezed out or absorbed.  Israel is the pawn to be yielded by the left.  It’s Israel that the left will hand over in a show of feigned surprise and shock when the Islamic world attacks.

Even now, the Obama administration is rushing to shore up its support among Jews in the United States, but I believe the bloom is off that particular rose, and there’s nothing to be recovered at this point.  Even otherwise liberal American Jews are beginning to realize that this administration is no friend of Israel, and certainly no friend of the Jewish people.  The whole situation is beginning to take on vaguely apocalyptic overtones, as Israel is being left with no choice but to consider the most strenuous forms of defense.  In short, Israel is being backed into a corner from which they will have no choice but to defend itself, and there will be a new narrative about Israel being the aggressor, as the Palestineans have tried to convey through propaganda for more than three decades.  It must be considered the most grave action of this administration should it proceed on this course, but there’s no sign they intend to be deterred from the actions already in progress.

This would be considered a dramatic foreign policy failure in any previous administration, but the truth in this instance is that these are the ends the Obama administration has been pursuing for the length of its entire existence.  Worse, the Palestineans are being incited to a level of fervor in expectation of some move to statehood that is outrageous, but their pronouncements on the subject make clear that this isn’t about some nebulous notion of “peace.”  It is a doctrine of one-sided segregation, whereby Israel will be compelled to continue accepting Palestineans, and the Palestineans will purge all Jews from the land they hope to control.

In short, what the Palestineans are promising is “ethnic cleansing,” a principle with which they’ve always agreed.  Those who seek to downplay this issue, or the importance of what’s being done by the Obama administration simply aren’t examining the facts.  For all our solemn oaths asserting “Never again,” what we’re really seeing now is the attempt to do it again, and this time, the final solution is to be final if the radical left and the Islamists are permitted to have their way.  It’s time for the American people to stand and oppose this rogue administration before it brings about World War III.  For all their talk about peace, the way in which they’re striving toward a war suggests Americans had better wake up soon.

9/11: Remembering the Fallen

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I had been at work just half an hour.  A good friend and colleague, a man who had been a rookie cop in Dallas on another tragic day nearly forty years before, John called me to come up to the conference room because a plane had hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center.  I immediately walked to the conference room and sat with him and two others, and began to watch the live coverage.  John and I surveyed the scene, and looked at one another, but I’m not sure which of us said it first:  This had been an attack, and could not not have been accidental.  No sooner had those words been spoken when from the right of the frame, appeared another airliner, and while the impact was concealed by the two buildings, the explosion that erupted made clear what had happened.

The other people gathered in the room let out a collective gasp, and one woman screamed in horror.  John and I looked at one another across the table, and we began to tick off a list of potential targets.  John is an easy-going, jovial man with a fine sense of humor, but this morning he had reverted to his game face.  Due to his responsibilities within the organization, and his years of experience, others in the room deferred to him.  One woman looked at him, tears streaming down her face, and asked John “Who did this?” John, by then on his feet and walking toward the door, paused placing his hand on the woman’s shoulder as an act of comfort, and said: “I don’t know Darlin’, but if I was guessing, it must be the same bunch from ’93 back to finish the job, and they may not be done yet.”

Like most Americans, I watched the events of 9/11 unfold from afar, yet the nature of the events left the unmistakable impression that this was the beginning of an escalation in the endless war of hatred directed at our country.  This hatred of our country is rooted in a clash of civilizations.  Our nation has been so successful for so long, and has become the center of developments in popular culture and media that it had become pervasive.  For a culture like Islam, the images they see of our nation are those which lend to the assessment that we are corrupt and defiled by their standard of measure.  These images make it all the easier for the demagogues who hold power in the Islamic world to demonize the West and spawn militancy against us.  Jihad means “to struggle” or “to resist,” so that in their view, this war against us is justified insofar as they are fighting against us in what they believe is an effort to preserve their way of life against what they see as a defiled and morally corrupted civilization.  They have been taught by demagogues to view the expansion of the Western culture as a malignancy to be excised as a matter of self-defense.  The lessons of 9/11 must include a recognition that the collision of these two civilizations may well have been inevitable, and our only choices are to adopt theirs or to defeat them.

Ten years later, we are marking the day with memorial services and events intended to remind us of all the fallen.  We rightly mark the heroism of all those who answered the call one final time on that infamous day.  Their acts in opposition to the war against us must not be forgotten.  For me personally, the events aboard Flight 93, that went down in a field in Shanksville, PA, are the things from which we must take heart concerning 9/11.  That airliner was full of ordinary Americans who did on their own the most outrageous thing:  Rather than wait for the inevitable, they took actions directed not only at the chance of saving their own lives, but with the knowledge that whatever the outcome, they would surely save others.  That moment of decision, in appraisal of their immediate situation, should be considered carefully by every American as this clash of civilizations continues.  What are the choices? Shall we fight, or wait to be slaughtered?   Shall we pretend that if only we’ll huddle quietly, we will be left alone and alive?  Shall we recognize that we are now the front line in a war between two civilizations, and act in the name of ours?

These are the questions with which the passengers aboard Flight 93 were confronted on that day.  Ten years later, these are the questions our nation must answer once again.  Will we wait until the fight comes to us?   Will we abide the abandonment of our allies living under this same threat?  Will we hunker in fear and inaction, pretending to ourselves that we can survive as a culture living as prisoners in our own nation?  Would we rather live another short span of time in relative safety knowing that the death we’re avoiding is really inevitable?  I believe the greatest memorial to those who died on 9/11, or on battlefields around the globe ever since, lies not in the laying of wreaths and the erecting of statues or markers, but in recognition of the simple, yet life-affirming choices we must make if we are to survive as a nation.

At the beginning of our nation, one famed patriot had already considered these questions, and his answers provide the true meaning of the choices and actions undertaken on 11 September, 2001, in the skies over Pennsylvania:

“It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” (Patrick Henry – March 1775)

These words now stand as a testament to the recognition that one must not yield for the sake of temporary comfort or safety in the face of an inevitable war.  The choices made by the passengers aboard Flight 93 stand as a stark reminder of how Americans must always answer this fundamental question, and it is an answer encapsulated in the words of a man who had said his goodbyes, and who turned with others to fight against an inevitable doom, so that if doom it would be, it would come on their terms with everything they could muster.   Todd Beamer, in plain-spoken recognition of what laid before him, uttered those now equally famous words:

Let’s roll!

When I remember 9/11, it is this simple declaration that I recall.  It stands as the only valid answer to the question laid before us, and as Americans, we must know its real meaning and take to heart all that it implies.  Justice requires it.  Our survival demands it.

American Leadership Surrenders: How We Lost the War

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

How Did We Forget?

It shouldn’t have been possible.  When America was attacked on 11 September, 2001, nearly three thousand Americans were slaughtered in a stunning use of passenger planes as weapons.  Our nation recoiled in horror, and for a short while, people were inclined to make war against those responsible, but within days, other voices cried we should not make of this more than it had been.  From the very beginning, we were urged by our media and our political leadership to avoid blaming all Muslims, as if Americans were unable to differentiate between our enemies and those who would be happy to live and let live.   At this moment of crisis, when our nation’s response to the attack would be formed and established, already came the drumbeat of capitulation.  Rather than name our enemy, and make total war against it as we had been promised, our government responded in a slowly retreating strategy advocated by the media.  Some will argue that since Osama bin Laden is now dead, we can declare victory and wrap up operations, but the truth is more difficult because while we indeed sent our forces to confront al Qaida abroad, we have done unsatisfactorily little to wage war against the Islamists’ advancement of Jihad here at home.

While we’ve slept, thinking our nation secured by the war we’ve been waging overseas, radical Islam is alive and well, not only in those distant theaters, but also here inside our own borders, and even more shockingly, inside the walls of western philosophical protection.  They’re using our sense of morality and decency against us.

The first of our failures lies in the unwillingness to name our enemy.  We have made every possible attempt to conceal the truth from ourselves and from others.  We’ve pointed to al Qaida and its affiliates, but we’ve permitted ourselves to pretend that if we can only defeat these, we will have won the war.  Even were we somehow able to destroy every al Qaida fighter on a single day, this war would not be over, for to pretend that al Qaida had been our only enemy is the same as the fallacy expressed by some that on 7 December, 1941, our only enemy had been the empire of Japan.  What sort of mindless, unthinking brute would suggest such a thing?  It would have ignored all rational understandings of the world as we have known it, but one can suppose we should be thankful that Hitler used the occasion to honor his pact with Japan, and declared war upon the United States, otherwise, left to the media, the American people might never have known they were at war with Germany and Italy too.

After 9/11, we should have known that the war we faced was greater and wider than one group of thugs sheltering in a desert wasteland half a world away.  Our leaders should have told us, and they should have prepared us for all the ugly truths about the nature of the war against us, and the philosophical base from which it was being waged.  We should have learned it ourselves and demanded a thorough war, but now we arrive on the eve of that event’s tenth anniversary, and still we cower and huddle in fear at the credible threats looming over us.  Our founders, and all the men from their time until the end of WWII must be turning restlessly in their graves at the spectacle of our defeat by such an enemy.  We should never have been defeated, except that the war within our own country, and inside our own philosophical struggles has found a willing ally for our enemies inside our own borders.  You wonder who that enemy might be, and it will surely pose a grave controversy to name them all, yet this nation cannot much longer endure if we do not recognize the truth of this war against it.  We stand on the brink of losing our nation, and yet we still mouth platitudes in defense of the enemies who attack it.  All of this begs the question: If a nation will not even clearly identify its enemies, does it deserve to survive?

Since so few others will take up this task, let me categorize our enemies more thoroughly.  If we are to defeat them we must know them, and if we are ever to stop the national hemorrhaging at their hands, we will be compelled by reason to know their collaborators in our midst.  We can no longer afford the timid answers to which we’ve become accustomed.  The enemies of the United States fall into two broad philosophical groups, and it is here that we must start.  The first of these enemies are comprised of the Islamists.  What you must know is that in the prevailing schools of Islamic thought around the globe, America as you have known it must be destroyed.  Israel, in any form, must be eradicated.  Their fundamental hatred of our form of government, our variety of faiths, and our customs and traditions arises from a belief in the cultural and spiritual supremacy of Islam.  The shrill collaborators in this country will point to the moderates as examples of those who do not adopt such positions, but in truth and as evidenced by facts from which we cannot escape, those “moderates” who do not wish to advance Islam’s grasp to the limits of our globe are relatively few.  We are confronted with an enemy that has been instilled from birth with a baseline, fundamental hatred of the West.  There are surely exceptions in Islam, but to pretend that they are a numerous proportion is to pronounce a death sentence upon ourselves and our children.

This category is further subdivided into four groups, and they are the militants who carry out the war, the so-called intellectuals who justify the war, the financiers who fund the war, and the adherents who are the most numerous group who for various reasons simply obey, submit, and support the war.   This last group can be considered the Islamists’ answer to ‘useful idiots’, and it is from their number that the militants are recruited.  These are also the people who have constituted the vast body of the mobs who advanced the ‘Arab spring.’  On Friday and Saturday, these “peace-loving people” invaded the Israeli embassy in Cairo.  Let us not pretend that our enemy is some tiny minority in greater Islam.  The truth is that the tiny minority in Islam consists of those relatively rare moderates who fit into none of these groups, and do no press for the advancement of Islam around the globe.

The other category into which our enemies can be divided is the collaborators.  The major media outlets are the largest and most influential part of this group who have given the Islamists cover.   They claim to care about protecting moderate Muslims, but as Pamela Geller explains on her Atlas Shrugs blog, our media have been complicit in advancing the Islamist narrative and in disguising the truth from Americans. This is the propaganda war being waged, and we’re losing it, because more often than not, our policies are shaped not by the nature of the real threats, but in response to the perceptions of Americans.  As our people have been led astray in their understanding of our enemy, they’ve leaned toward policies that pretend one can fight a war piece-meal, without the involvement and commitment of the whole American people.  While the collaborators have been singing this lullaby, the total war of the Islamists against the American people has been advancing on all fronts.  The most notable group of collaborators is the American left.  They have no love of this nation in its original form, and since they are intent upon destroying it, are only too happy to accept assistance wherever they find it.

Take care to understand that I do not here intend to say “Democrats,” for that party is composed of a broad range of people, many of whom joined the war on the side of America in its earliest days, but who have some shared sympathies with the much more virulent left, composed of radicals who want to undermine this nation at any opportunity.  The truth is that rank-and-file Democrats don’t want America destroyed.  They love the country too, although their particular views in some issues may be wrong-headed.  No, those Democrats were among the firefighters, police, and other first responders who answered the call on 9/11, and who were also victims on that day.  If I had any complaint with them, it would be only that they must watch more closely who they allow to lead them, and to which ends.  They are patriots, and to pretend otherwise is to abandon one’s wayward brothers, and this I will not do.  During my service in the Army, I knew many faithful, patriotic Democrats, but few of them were hard-core left.  Most of them came from blue-collar families, and they took a backseat to none in their love of this country.  Instead, let us focus with acute precision on the hard-core left.  These people are not friends of this country, and the only traction they’ve ever gained has been through their attempts to co-opt the Democrat party, and infiltrate and overwhelm our media and government.  They have allied themselves with the Islamists on a global scale because they adopt the same notion:  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend[for now.]” They’ll divide up the world later. First, they must destroy America.

The Islamists long ago understood what the American people have not:  Our vast military advantage makes it impossible to defeat us by open attack.  Just as the North Vietnamese and their communist cohorts used a propaganda war against us at home to thwart us overseas, the Islamists now follow that model to force our withdrawal and compliance.  We do not suffer from a lack of the ability to win this war, but the collaborators in our media and in our government have convinced us not to wage it, and we have been too willing to accept that answer in the name of our own sloth and cowardice.  Instead, we huddle waiting for the next attack, while it is our liberties we have forfeited as we allow our persons to be scanned, our children and grandmothers groped, and security checkpoints within our country to become the natural and normal order of things.  We send the willing warriors among us to far-flung battlefields where they spend their blood and their lives upon a purpose to which we at home are not thoroughly committed.  We hamper them with rules of engagement that make of them sitting ducks, while we toss around high-minded terms about not wishing to become our enemy.  At this pace, and with that attitude, we need not worry about such concepts much longer, because the enemy has gained a foothold not merely on our continent, but in our hearts and minds.

As the wilting flower of tomorrow’s official 9/11 National Commemorative Ceremony in New York begins to come into focus, we should rightly demand an accounting from our alleged leaders who chide us to silence in the name of avoiding the possibility that we would offend our enemies.  Mayor Bloomberg of New York has excluded first responders from the official memorial event, and he’s also banned clergy and prayer, lest some group be offended.  Which group do you suppose Mayor Bloomberg wishes not to offend?  Christians?  Jews?  Who?  This half-hearted, neutered ceremony signifies no victory, and it does damnably little to admit of our losses.  Instead, it is a sign of our defeat, in which our leaders admit that the West has lost, and we have capitulated in a war between civilizations, one of a growing tyranny, and the other of a diminishing liberty.  These won’t be their words, to be sure, but in the form of the memorial they have constructed, to carefully avoid offending even those who supported the perpetrators, it’s impossible to conclude they’re saying anything else.

It needn’t have been the case, but at present, it seems certain that while undermined from within, and infiltrated from without, we are now in a skulking retreat on the road to our national demise. The first step in reversing this is to tell these alleged leaders “no more.”  It’s time we join with patriots like Pamela Geller in exposing the collaborators.  The voices of those lost on 9/11 should be ringing in our ears, and with them the sounds of those brave men and women we’ve lost since, sent abroad to wage a half-hearted war in the name of a justice we’ve mostly abandoned.  The principles we have claimed to love demand it.

Why They Hate Us

Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Over the Precipice

It’s the reflexive reaction of those who have the most to lose, and their numbers are substantial. In their self-delusions, they’ve continued to pretend to themselves that everything will go on as it has for more than two generations, with no interruptions in the gravy train, and their stubborn indifference to the mathematical certainty permits them momentary refuge against a reality they’ve created but wish not to endure. When a voice rises to warn them, they dutifully dismiss it. When the Tea Party arose, they were faced with a messenger they could not so easily silence. Worse, when Sarah Palin became one of their number, they allowed themselves to be seduced by the establishment’s siren song, offering to them a gentle lullaby that promised the gravy train would continue. The media told them that Sarah Palin is stupid, and that the Tea Party is a small band of nuts, and since that message comforted them, they greedily accepted it. After more than two years, some of them have noticed that the wheels are coming off and the rails are splitting, and a few have begun to leap from the sides. Their hatred of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party is not born of ignorance, but of a knowing resentment that these messengers had been right all along.

Friday, we were treated to the news that the GDP growth estimates for the second quarter was downgraded from an already anemic 1.4% to an astonishingly lower 1.0%. While most of you expected a downward revision, as did I, and I expect another later this year, the Europeans aren’t faring any better, coming in around 0.2%. This suggests a global catastrophe is already underway. There can be no way to repair all the things that ail our economy by spending more money, printing more money, or otherwise putting good money after bad. While Sarah Palin and the Tea Party recognize this, the gravy train chugs along happily down the tracks, most of its passengers enjoying their free rides apparently oblivious to the fact that the trestle ahead has been demolished.

The problem is that not all of them are oblivious, and any of them could sound the alarm to their fellow free-riders. Most of them, having mocked the stalwart messengers now want no part in raising the alarm. Every one of them knows that in so doing, they’re inviting the scorn and derision of the rest who will likely continue to evade reality until gravity takes control at the end of their track. Then they’ll panic, and complain that somebody should have warned them, despite the fact that against each successive warning, they hurled only contempt.

It’s a firmly established norm in human psychology that few like to be reminded: “I told you so.” Worse, when those who are being told a thing mock those doing the warning, the mass psychology leverages in favor of a bullying response. As the train rushes closer to the abyss, more aboard will notice, and sneak quietly to an exit and and in an act of self-preservation, hurl themselves from the train, often to pretend they’d never been aboard. Those who remain aboard to the bitter end necessarily become more angry as they notice their numbers slowly diminishing. Here is where real hate is born. This is also where we have arrived. The train is still careening toward the precipice, and its passengers still ride, hoping they were somehow right, and that somehow, their view will be vindicated. It won’t.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party continue to urge them to abandon the train. With each pronouncement, the train loses a few more passengers, but the remainder become still more stubborn in resisting the call. The engineer, now Barack Obama and his crew of coal-men in Congress continue to stoke the engine and drive it forward at break-neck pace, hoping that the acceleration will imply confidence. It no longer does. Like the end of credibility for the boy who thrice cried wolf, nothing this President can do will convince any but the drones that our situation isn’t awful.

The establishment in Washington DC has a captive audience, and they know it. Peddling hate and resentment is the last stunt remaining in their bag of tricks. It’s easier to “shoot the messengers” than to refute them. No honest refutation exists. They now stare openly at the abyss coming into view outside their windows, but like passengers on a train, they can see the gorge stretching out for miles in either direction, but they cannot see the bridge out directly ahead. That doesn’t mean they don’t know it.

Our nation needs to reduce the spending on almost every social program. There’s really no way to get control of this train and bring it to a stop in time to repair the bridge if we don’t substantially curtail big government. Those who stubbornly refuse to see what they know must be ahead are guilty of the sin of self-fraud. Those leading them are guilty of a monstrous lie. Not only do they continue to hand out the blinders, but also to scapegoat others for the impending consequences. This is the purpose of calling Tea Party members “terrorists” and Sarah Palin “stupid.” The hatred attending those pronouncements isn’t really aimed at the people involved, but instead at the truth they’re dispensing to the unwilling segment of their audience.

Imagine arriving at a social services office and picketing the people standing in line, telling them that they are bleeding the country dry. What would happen to you? In effect, this is the message being delivered, and this is a large segment of that unwilling audience. What do you expect? They might start out mocking and jeering but eventually, they’d get ugly with you, and the reason is that people don’t like to be told they’re doing wrong. People don’t like to be told their own choices have led them to the problems they now face. People don’t want to be reminded “I told you so.”

You wonder where the hate originates? It is born of this reality of human existence: You have the right to believe whatever you want, but no right to evade the consequences for faulty beliefs. Nothing can ultimately protect a people from a belief that they can exist without effort, or that they can long consume more than they produce. Nothing. Not slogans, not blinders, not governments, nothing.

Once you realize this, the hate is much easier to understand. It’s the last pathetic scream of persons too long in denial. There’s a tendency among some to interpret it as a sign that the messengers are winning. That’s not so. Nature is winning. Reality is winning, but there is no guarantee that the messengers will avoid their usual punishment for their good deeds. The more numerous the messengers, the better, and they ought not miss an opportunity to multiply their numbers. As I’ve told you before, there’s a war coming, and it won’t be pretty, or easy. The hate you’ve had aimed at you is just the opening salvo. Can you win? Yes! Will you win?

Will you fight?

Why Israel Matters

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Abandoning our Friends?

It’s become fashionable in the media to suppose that conservatives’ support for Israel is due purely to religious considerations.  The most recent talking point from the left is that American conservatives support Israel because, as Noam Chomsky asserts, the Christians who are a substantial part of the conservative movement in the country want the Jewish population of Israel to be exterminated by Armageddon.  This assertion is offered because the left really has nothing else to offer in terms of the argument other than their endless hate-filled criticisms of both Israel and Christians.  In this way, they are able to dismiss the widespread support of Israel among conservatives as the ranting of religious zealots, in much the same way they’ve tried to dismiss the Tea Party by painting them as terrorists and racists. It’s their favorite smear, and the method by which they spread their madness.

This is the same basic tactic the left adopts in all matters, but if we examine only the strategic reasons to support Israel, what we find is that we arrive at the same logical conclusion:  Support of Israel is nearly as important to the security of the United States as our routine considerations in national defense.

Israel is a tiny sliver of land, and it is surrounded by enemies that do not recognize the Jewish state’s right to exist.  Those enemies will hate Israel until every inch of ground is conquered, and every Jew on the planet is exterminated.  Don’t make any mistake about it: These same villains intend the same end for all “infidels” including Christians, or any other non-Muslims, and also no small number of their fellow Muslims.  This is a fact.  Apologists are free to claim the opposite, but they aren’t free to invent their own facts.

The current meme among members of the Washington DC intelligentsia is that if only the Israelis would yield some land, and some more, peace would sweep over the region.  This is a bald-faced lie.  It offers Washington elites the opportunity to duck out and feign ignorance later, when the radical Islamists have their way with the region.  It also enables a few people on the right, with more libertarian ideas to pretend that the problems and threats the United States faces end at the water’s edge.  These naive people are dangerous in their own right, because they typically serve as tools for those who are far more malevolent in their intentions.

Israel is our only real ally in the region, despite the claptrap to the contrary, particularly with the advent of the media-lauded “Arab Spring” that has ousted a number of autocrats who we had over the years in various ways paid for their compliance.  This too is a failed policy, because in so doing, all we managed to do is alienate the populace to a certain degree and make them vulnerable to the radical militants.  This approach doesn’t improve the situation, and there is certainly some evidence that it has worsened things, but withholding payments and assistance to thugs, even those who some would term our thugs, is not the same as turning our backs on the people of Israel.

Israel is a nation with political freedoms for its citizens that approaches our own.  No nation is perfect, but Israel is the one nation in its region that permits political dissent without ultimately resorting to firing squads.  One need only examine the ruthless behavior of Assad in Syria, or Ahmedinejad in Iran to understand what sort of butchery the region routinely produces.  Israel is the exception, and it’s of paramount importance that we recognize this fact in our dealings with the Islamic world.

Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that our current administration is determined to leave Israel alone and vulnerable, without even such support as the assurance of our vote in their favor on the UN security council.  This can have only one ultimate purpose, and that is to force Israel into permitting their country to be divided and partitioned, and ultimately destroyed.  We, the American people, who have rescued nations from tyranny around the globe, should never permit this. We, who arrived too late to prevent one holocaust, should do all we are able to prevent another, particularly when prevention merely requires standing firmly with our lone ally in the region.

The problem with abandoning Israel as some libertarians would have us do, and lately, as every leftist in the country seems inclined to do, is that rather than keeping us from war, it runs the ultimate risk of a global war from which we will not escape.  It is widely believed that Israel has a substantial nuclear arsenal.  If they are attacked in any way seen as an existential threat, we can expect them to employ that arsenal, and I would not blame them in the least.  The consequences of such an exchange would almost certainly ignite a worldwide conflagration to which we would become a party, in one way or another.

That sort of war would certainly threaten Americans at home, in a thorough way, not only in terms of subjecting us to actual warfare, but also crippling our nation as oil from that region slowed to a trickle.  Whatever your particular religious beliefs may or may not be is irrelevant to this discussion.  I don’t need to be a Christian or a Jew to know that murder is wrong, and the intention of mass murder is evil.  I realize we spend some money in our budget in support of Israel, but considering the alternatives available at present, it may well be a relative pittance to us when compared to the cost in blood and treasure we would pay if the situation there destabilized further, and Israel came under direct attack [again] by one or more of their neighbors.

It makes no sense to argue that we should withhold a few billion dollars in financial support of Israel in the name of thrifty government when the potential costs of a strategically unavoidable conflict in the region would exceed those relatively modest expenditures in the first few hours alone, never mind the human tragedy that would unfold.

When a leftist like Chomsky proposes the idea that Christians seek the death of Jews in an Armageddon, he’s not only lying, but also offering a psychological confession of what it is that he intends.  One needn’t be religiously motivated to see the crucial position of Israel in US strategic national security matters.  It takes only a basic regard for the facts on the ground to realize that to abandon Israel is to substantially subject ourselves to the ravages of war.

There are many Americans who possess only vague knowledge of the conflict in and around Israel.  Many of these have become convinced of the notion that “they’ve been fighting one another for thousands of years, and it’s best for us to simply leave it be.”  If you’ve fallen for this notion, is it because you’re tired of hearing about it?  Does it look too futile ever to be solved?  Do you falsely place both parties in this struggle on a plane of moral equivalence?  What motive is served by this frivolously thoughtless notion?

In Israel, there is no moral equivalence between the two.  Those who claim to be “Palestinean” are the un-assimilated children of refugees who fled the West Bank and Gaza because they believed the Jews were going to be eradicated, and they had been told to leave in order to make it easier for the advancing armies of Islamic states to attack mercilessly.  They are those who wished to collaborate in a holocaust.  The Jews who were expelled from Arab states sought their refuge in Israel.  Israel took them in and assimilated them into their population.  Why did the Arab states not pursue the same end after the cessation of hostilities?

It is on the basis of such a naive false moral equivalence that the elites in Washington DC now urge you to turn a blind eye.  As soon as you do so, they will feel comfortable in doing so also.  When and if that occurs, the results will be horrifying.  Don’t shrink from it.  Don’t attempt to disclaim responsibility.  Too many Americans of all manner of religions have attempted to warn you, and don’t be surprised when the consequences visit these shores.  It’s inevitable.  The people of Israel seek freedom in their land.  They have in graciousness followed a fools’ errand of attempting to buy peace with a portion of their lands to no good effect, but they have learned. That approach has been approximately like offering a mugger half your wallet willingly, whose gun is at your head, and actually holding out hope he will be satisfied with the half.  Once he has it, what is to prevent him from demanding the other half, if he still holds the gun?

This is why, despite attempts over the course of human history, the lesson remains firmly, stubbornly true: You cannot negotiate with terrorists.  There is no limiting factor, because if they are willing to wipe you out for some particular purpose, the moment you yield to their terror, they will understand it as weakness, and they will be willing to wipe you out for any motive that crosses their minds.

For the sake of our own country’s security, Israel matters a great deal.  Let the leftist and Islamist thugs who are now working together claim otherwise, but to follow their advice is surely to condemn not only Israel, but also our own country, to bloody disaster.  Most of us have known of the idea contained in the affirmation and oath: “Never again.”  Did we mean it, or is that mere bravado we spout for our own self-satisfaction?

The Aliens Have Landed

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Praying for Aliens or War?

There was a time when a Nobel Prize meant something.  Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate in the field of economics, but he’s most well-known for his economic propaganda on behalf of leftist ideas. He appeared on Fareed Zakaria’s show to propose the preposterous, meanwhile making an admission that is not only damaging to his long-held Keynesian notion of “pump priming,” but also inadvertently destroys the leftists’ notion of how the U.S. finally clawed its way out of the Great Depression.  Krugman has argued that the United States was able to climb out of the pits of depression by the massive stimulus spending of FDR.  FDR’s many make-work programs and vote-buying schemes like the CCC and WPA jobs seem suspiciously like the ideas President Obama is now proposing.

Krugman explains that if we were invaded by aliens, the stimulative effect would get us out of the prevailing pathetic economic environment of the moment.  Unfortunately, what he’s also saying is that a war would be good for the US economy, and once again, he misses the mark entirely.  What lifted the US out of the Great Depression was when we began to supply England and Russia, among others, with the materials of war in 1939 under the Lend-Lease Act.  We would not actually enter the war ourselves until more than two years later, and so in effect, the US was growing its economy on the basis of war-time production without yet being in a war. This is what got the US out of the Great Depression, but the problem is that we needn’t have a World War erupting in order to bring us back from this brink.

All of this admits of something leftist stooges in the economic propagandists’ press like Mr. Krugman have long denied: The big government programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt did approximately nothing to recover the U.S. from the Great Depression.  As late as 1938, Roosevelt was concerned he might even lose Democrat Party control of Congress, because the number of unemployed in the country was then higher than it had been in 1933 when he had been inaugurated.  This is because, as I’ve detailed elsewhere, there is no way to create lasting demand with borrowed money.  At the time, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau complained bitterly that they had discovered the weakness of Keynesian notions in testifying to the House Ways and Means Committee:

“We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong…somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises…I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started…And an enormous debt to boot!” (Morgenthau Diary, May 9, 1939, Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Consider what this demonstrates:  In 1939, our government already knew Keynesian “pump-priming” was nonsense, and still, after all the years between, with all the evidence necessary to demonstrate the facts, commencing in early 2009, the Obama Administration decided to start again that practice which history had already condemned as a failure.  There was Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate, urging  his recently-minted fellow Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama to carry on where FDR and the New Dealers had stopped.  Among all the other things this may lead you to wonder, the value of a Nobel Prize may now rightly be questioned.

In his commentary, Krugman admits borrowing a plot in which scientists fake an impending alien threat to achieve world peace.  Let me assure you that you cannot fake prosperity, and of all the lessons of the last century, this idea ought finally to be discarded.  Mr. Krugman is another economic propagandist, because what he does not mention is that the reason the US was able to prosper on the sales of war materials prior to entering the war was precisely because we enjoyed a competitive advantage among the producers of war goods at the time.  We had vast, untapped resources of workers and raw materials that could quickly be turned into the equipment fighting men around the world needed to go into battle.  Unless we happen to have some  particular weapon more able to repel aliens, or are able to deliver it to customers more inexpensively and reliably than our competitors, and unless the aliens decide to leave the U.S. alone for a while as they plunder the remainder of the globe, it is not possible to understand how Mr. Krugman’s fanciful suggestion bears any relevance on the reality under which we now suffer.

Perhaps rather than accost Americans with fantastic ideas about how war can rescue us from ourselves, Mr. Krugman can instead try his hand at real economic ideas that have withstood the tests of time, because his own have not, and he knows it.  Mr. Krugman was among the number of Lame-Stream Media critics who last year pilloried Sarah Palin for her specific warnings about QE3, and we all know how that came out: As she predicted, food and energy prices have ratcheted up, and Americans are suffering from a rapidly devaluing dollar.

Now the left’s chief economic propagandist, apart from President Obama, is telling us that a World War of some sort would be good for the economy.  How many of you now wonder if this portends a grave future?  When your leaders consider advice that offers aliens or World Wars as the solution to your economic woes, you have every reason to be concerned.  These people are not interested in right or wrong, but only in victory at all costs.  I would urge my fellow Americans to observe with a shrewd eye the foreign policy machinations and manipulations of the Obama Administration, looking for any evidence that they would seek to use a foreign policy crisis to their domestic political ends.  Given the history of this administration, it’s virtually certain that presented such an opportunity, and given their poor standing with the public at present, there may be no limit as to what they will permit themselves to do.