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Iowa Revisited: Santorum Wins!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


If you want to know a media outlet’s slant, just compare their headlines to the stories that accompany them for a little while, and you’ll know the truth.  CNN is reporting that “Report: Iowa results show ‘virtual tie’ between Romney, Santorum,” because Santorum will actually be recorded as the victor by thirty-four votes, but back when the story from Iowa was different, showing a Romney victory by eight votes, we were instead treated to “Romney wins Iowa by Eight votes” and similar language.  So what’s the point?  When it was believed Romney had won Iowa by a slim eight votes, “a win’s a win,” but when Santorum turns out to have won by thirty-four, well, then it’s just a “virtual tie.”

To summarize:

Romney victory by 8? “Romney wins!”

Santorum victory by 34?  “Virtual tie”

This is why the media is dangerous.  Romney received almost all of the good press associated by having his name accompanied by the word “win,” but now that it turns out he didn’t, he will not be slapped with “loss” or “lose” and Rick Santorum will not get the acknowledgment of his victory that Romney had gotten.  There won’t be any “Santorum Wins!” headlines over at CNN.  Say what you will, but this, along with the Gingrich smear story that Drudge is still pushing, serve as just two small examples of how media uses headlines to push an agenda.