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Mitt Romney’s Top Contributors

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Thanks to Dan Riehl(@DanRiehl) for tweeting this story.  If you’re not following Dan on Twitter, you might well consider it, as he runs a large number of important daily news stories. The original statistics come from the campaign money tracking site, and I must admit it’s pretty astonishing to see such a list, even for Romney.  What it offers is some insight into where Romney’s support originates.  According to Zerohedge, Mitt Romney’s biggest contributors constitute quite a round-up:

That isn’t exactly a list of Mom and Pop shops, is it?  Nobody should be surprised that this guy doesn’t represent rank and file Republicans. Main Street? Not so much.  Wall Street?  You bet!

What remains to be seen is if all his high-powered contributions will lead to the nomination.  Mitt’s betting that it will, but that really up to you.